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Why I favor "Moneyball" for best picture, and tobacco spittin' Brad Pitt for best actor

Images-8I don't get a vote, but here's why I favor "Moneyball" for Best Picture and Brad Pitt for Best Actor.

1. It's the only nominated movie I've seen and I liked it. I could quit there, but ...

2. Brad Pitt and I have a few things in common: We both attended the University of Missouri (I actually graduated from Mizzou while he dropped out near the end of his senior year). We both majored in journalism. And, we're about the same age — well, OK, within six years. Hard to believe Brad turns 50 next year.

3. Its about baseball, my favorite sport.

4. It exposes tobacco chewing as the filthy habit it is, with Billy Beane/Brad Pitt spitting into a cup every two or three minutes throughout the film. (I once traveled from Bismarck, N.D., to Buffalo, Wyo. in a pickup with a guy who spit into an uncovered Styrofoam cup the whole way. I'm getting sick to my stomach just thinking about it.)

5. It isn't about vampires, unrequited love, or some famous figure in history who speaks with a British accent.

There. Done. I hope Meryl Streep wins best actress because, well, she's the best actress on the face of the earth. And because she's willing to play a woman over the age of 40 — Margaret Thatcher and Julia Child — with pride and dignity. I'll give her a pass on "Bridges of Madison County." 



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