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Beware, the end is near!

DownloadedFile-3 Boy, you'd think armageddon was approaching, what with all of the Tweets, blog posts and warnings I've been seeing regarding the frost of the season predicted for Wednesday night.

Just a reminder. It's mid-September. We live in Minnesota. Every year about this time, it gets so cold at night that petunias, tomatoes and basil plants freeze and die. Sometimes people — me included — put old blankets and sheets over our plants in an effort to prolong the inevitable. Later, tired of covering our precious plants night after night, we pick unripe vegetables, and promise ourselves we'll make fried green tomatoes or sour green salsa but then allow them rot in brown paper bags. 

For several weeks, we're in denial that winter is approaching. We continue to go to work in our shirt sleeves, and leave the windows open at night when we're sleeping, even when it's 40 degrees outside. We shiver in our sweatshirts but refuse to turn on the heat when it is so cold in the living room you could hang meat in it. We leave the lawn chairs in the trunk, and the camping gear in the garage with the hope that it'll be nice enough for one more outdoor outing.

And, yes, sometimes we get that nice day, or maybe even a few days. That Indian summer. That brief respite from the Cold Season.

Still, we know in our heart of hearts that...




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