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December 22, 2010



And Carla Nelson isn't on health because she doesn't understand health issues, doesn't care about health issues or doesn't think health is an issue of concern to her constituents? It's only the largest employer in Rochester. Does she know that?


Perhaps no local senators will be on the HHS committee, but from what I understand three Rochester house members WILL be on it. Given the large percentage of the budget that education represents, and her strong background in that field, shouldn't we be thrilled that Sen. Nelson has been named the vice chair of that committee? We need our local representation on a variety of committees, not just one!!


It only makes sense to play to your strengths and backgrounds on committees and the new structure limits committee numbers/setup with time of meeting conflicts and seniority.
And as for "Curious" and his straw man rhetorical and misleading questions, it's a little early for campaign attacks, they aren't even sworn in yet.

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