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October 18, 2010



During the Debates here in the 1st CD, Randy Demmer hammered Tim Walz for voting for the Recovery Act(Stimulus). Yet, he had no idea that Republicans in Congress who PUBLICLY OPPOSED the Stimulus Package, wrote letters requesting and receiving Stimulus monies for their Districts because..”It would stimulate our local economies and create jobs.”

So I question Randy Demmer’s hypocrisy on this issue. Then of course, he is following instructions from the NRCC to get elected..






This list also includes John Kline, Eric Paulsen, and Michele Bachmann. All OPPOSED the Stimulus as wasteful spending, yet have requested and received monies for District projects.

My comment to Randy Demmer is this.."Stop your lying and MAN UP to the fact that your beloved GOP leadership also asked for and received Stimulus Dollars for their Districts because the Stimulus worked!"

Jim Rongstad

Or maybe they just want to get back some of the money taken from their districts by force?

Did you take your Bush II tax cut Mrs. C or did you send in the extra money to the Feds? If you did, aren't you being hypocritical?

No, one can oppose a program but still take advantage of it. This especially true when you are forced to pay for it in the first place.


Did you give yours back, Jim? I and many others would have perferred not to have received that $600 or $1200 check. Ours paid the Property taxes and a few bills. None of it went to "buy" things, as Bush wanted Americans to do with it.

Those Republicans and Democrats on record who opposed the Stimulus publicly are being dishonest when they saw the results, thus with their hands out for ntheir share for their Districts.

Spending money just to spend it is one thing. That is WASTE. The $200 Million Alaskan Bridge to Nowhere???

To spend it to reinvest into one's community for infrastructure improvements where jobs will result is called INVESTMENT.

Jim Rongstad

Mrs. C, so according to the argument you are using about these Republicans, you are also a hypocrite because you opposed the Bush tax cuts.

You could have sent the money back to the Feds. By spending it on "property taxes and other bills" simply means that the funds you would have used for those were spent or invested elsewhere.


NO I am not, Jim.

Did you send your check back? Or did you use it to pay down debt like close to 75% of Middle Class Americans did??

I could have sent the check back or given it to charity. But like most American Middle Class families, we have bills to pay.

Jim Rongstad

Mrs. C of course I kept the money. And if Obama proposed giving $1,000 to middle aged, balding, white guys who wear glasses, I would oppose the program, but I would take the money. I would take the money because it was forcibly taken from me in the first place.

But again according to the logic you use with Bachman, et al you are a hypocrite.

You call Bachman, et al.
hypocrites because they opposed the Stimulus Package, yet requested monies for their districts from the boondoggle.

You have pubically opposed the Bush tax cuts, yet you took the money from the tax cut.

Same, same.

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