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September 20, 2010



Big whop.
A DISGRACED and UNETHICAL former senator who has already hit the political obituaries, endorses a senator about to hit the political obituaries.
Durenberger says the clincher for endorsing Walz was his vote for 0bamacare.


"Denounce"enberger endorses Tim "Bring the terrorists to Minnesota" Walz - was it a slow news day or is the RPB looking for any crutch to save the Walz campaign from the coming electoral psunami? Durenberger is a disgraced, mediocre, unmemorable Senator with absolutely no accomplishments that merit a news story! November is coming and Tim Walz will finally have to find His FIRST PRIVATE SECTOR JOB! Then again, He could go to work for parasitic ex-legislators like Durenberger!

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