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June 21, 2010


Sally Jo Sorensen

I attended the Tea Party forum last night in Austin--and was pretty surprised to hear the co-moderator announce that the Mower County Republicans were having their meeting immediately after the event. There were very few people at the forum who didn't cross the hall to the GOP meeting.

Another thing that was pretty interesting was that Stevens kept saying something to the effect that Walz would have comments in today's PB about the Tea Party meeting and that everyone should read them.

Given that one of the Post Bulletin's major concerns with having The Uptake sharing desk space in the capital press room was that the paper thought the citizen journalists were too partisan, Stevens' statements fascinated me.

Did the Post Bulletin share comments by Walz with the Mower County Tea Party before they were published? How else did Stevens know? Or was Stevens making it up on the spot?

Perhaps the Post Bulletin would like to clarify this situation for readers. After all, one of the charges leveled at The Uptake by conservative bloggers is that its staff would share info with the DFL. Did the Post Bulletin share remarks by Congressman Walz with the Mower County Tea Party (which turned out to be the Republican Party, meeting in the same building, immediately after the forum) in advance? Or was Stevens just being fanciful about the situation?

As far as the forum itself went, Steve Wilson far and above dominated the evening. I don't agree with most of his ideas, but his answers all showed a thoughtful approach to looking at problems. No canned party talking points or cheap shots. How refreshing.


I was at the TEA as well and Mrs. Stevens said the comments from Walz would be in today's (6/21) paper as it will be and she was contacted by Heather at the PB just before the TEA meeting ocurred for her comments.

The Senior Center is open to all civic groups and the Republicans have been having thier meetings on the same night of the month for a long time. It just happened to be on the same night and Mr. Johnson also had a meeting set up with his following.

Mrs. Stevens is no longer a member of the Mower GOP Board and has many times stated she will vote for the best candidate, and that might not be a Republican. Don't try to paint her as one just because this was the night and location the TEA scheduled thier townhall months ago.

Glad you found the meeting refreshing, it would have been nice to have Mr. Walz answer the same questions as well. This townhall was held in a professional manner and people got thier questions answered.

Sally Jo Sorensen

So you're saying that the Post Bulletin shared Congressman Walz's comments in advance with a long-time Republican activist who now runs the local Tea Party?


Was there anyone from the Post Bulletin at the event t cover the forum, or is this paper simply acting as the press office for the Tea Party and Republican activists now?

The perceived problem of too close a relationship between a media outlet (The Uptake) and a political party is what led the Post Bulletin to complain about the Uptake being in the capital press office and to question any political bloggers having credentials. But it looks like the Post Bulletin either has no scruples in doing what it claimed a left-ward new media outfit *might* do. Unless, of course, Stevens was inventing what she said about know what Walz's comments were in advance.

Either way, real classy behavior by Mower County GOP and its surrogate operation, the Tea Party. No wonder the attendance was so small.

News Travels Fast

It is evident that Mr. Walz avoids any conflict. Being a good leader mandates that people discuss their views whether they are popular or not. Mr. Walz, put away your coward ways and stand up for what you believe.


What a wimp Walz is! Republicans go to liberal forums and debates all the time and aren't afraid. If Walz is afraid of answering questions from his constituents then he shouldn't be a Congressmember.


Tim Walz will never attend anything that doesn't take place in Mankato or Rochester. Everything in between is just space he has to drive through. I am really disappointed in Walz this year. He has made it clear through his actions that he does not want this job anymore.

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