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December 07, 2009


Jim Rongstad

Are white elephants native to the region? The White Elephant Express!

Or how about the Edifice Complex Express?

Mike Hicks

How about this: Would you ride a train that could get you from Rochester to MSP airport in 30-45 minutes, with 10 to 20 rides available per day? The idea's been proposed multiple times, and it's been repeatedly shown that people would ride it and it would turn a profit, paying for itself in less than 25 years. In fact, faster speeds would mean bigger payoffs. Hard to explain why we hadn't built it years ago.

Jim Rongstad

If it was "proven" it would make a real profit, then the private sector would build it.

Ellen Smith

Why was it just now, when they could have been built year back..

Tim Mann


Why do we need this? Rochester has a private shuttle company that has van that not only take multiple trips every day back & forth to the airport, but will take you to your house. AND it won't take 25 years of taxpayer dollars to pay for itself. Which is a lie. There is NO passenger rail service that pays for itself. They are all subsidized with taxpayer dollars from building to operation.
But hey, if you believe it will really work, feel free to get a group of investors together and build it. But leave me and my wallet out of it. In case you missed it, THE STATE IS BROKE

Jason Bile

The train should be named after Al Capone or another notable Chicago outfit member.
Just kidding.
Name it: "The Lake Swan"


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