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October 28, 2009



Kudos to Gov. Pawlenty for recognizing ways for the state to improve infrastructure without relying 100% on tax dollars!


Yep - great job pawlenty!

The developer gets 4+ million in infrastructure (sewer and water) and a 36 million interchange for a commitment to bring 20 jobs in 2 years and 180 jobs in 8 years.

In addition, the land the developer is donating is not worth anything near $13 million. More land is for sale across the highway and has been for sale for a long time for a fraction of that price.

Just more read a press release and publish as fact reporting by the PB....

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I guess now they’re much more aggressively and proactively looking for areas of improvement that would benefit existing or future commercial or private interest and then asking those interests to join us

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