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August 05, 2009



Walz came across as a high-blood pressure turnip read to explode. Also, the woman did not "storm off", as Walz liked to make it. She was scheduled back at her sales booth at Farmfest, and the droning on of Walz (and then of Peterson) was not ending. I've got most of this on videotape.
Peterson handled himself competently. Walz did not. Also, there are some people blogging that this was a hijacking of Farmfest by Republicans or Teabaggers. This is totally wrong, and pleae don't delude yourselves. This woman grew up only a short distance from Farmfest. This is rural America trying to stand her ground -- protect her homeland -- while she is still able to do so.


Thank You Observer for clearing that up. If it were up to the left, they would have us believe that this unruly mob was disrupting the meeting. Myself and several others have been trying to find out when Walz is going to have town hall meetings and his office will not say. I would love to see your video and if anyone out there knows when and where Walz is going to show up, I would really like to know. I have many questions for him on the health care bill. I have emailed and called his office many times and I get no response.

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