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December 29, 2008


Kathleen Castrovinci

I voted Absentee because I was Election Judging in anotehr Precient. My ballot had better not been rejected.

Jim Rongstad

Ah, isn't democracy wonderful. Both these guys got basically the same number of votes and we are spending (wasting) how much to see who got a couple more than the other?

No matter who "wins" this fiasco, basically 58% of the voters wanted someone else.

Why not save the money and flip a coin.

L D Nelson

Hey, lets enjoy this recount. No matter who wins, Franken or Coleman, the recount process here in Minnesota is organized, open, clean and a template for handling extremely close elections. It is a great civics lesson for all.

And the moral of the story is every vote counts.

Jim Rongstad

"And the moral of the story is every vote counts."

That's a knee slapper Loyal!

The election process in Minnesota and the rest of the US is rigged to favor the Democrats and Republicans. Try getting on the ballot as an independent or third party candidate sometime.

While Minnesota makes it more difficult to get on the ballot for independents and third party candidates, in some states (Oklahoma) it is virtually impossible.

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