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April 10, 2008


Ollie Ox

The Mankato Free Press reports that Davis raised about $59,000 and has about $50,000 cash on hand.

From Walz stuffs war chest:
. . .Dr. Brian Davis, the Rochester physician who received the Republican Party endorsement on March 29, said he generated $59,000 in the first quarter and has about $50,000 in cash on hand. Walz’s cash on hand now exceeds $1 million. Davis' primary opponent, state Sen. Dick Day of Owatonna, has not yet compiled his financing report. . .

. . .Davis warned during a post-endorsement media tour last week that his first­quarter fund-raising would not be strong because his attention in recent months has been focused on hold­ing personal meetings with many of the 250 or so GOP delegates to the 1st District Republican Convention. That effort was successful as Davis topped state Rep. Randy Demmer of Hayfield on the first ballot to win the endorsement.

But it leaves Davis in a deep financial hole with the election now less than seven months away. Like Walz in 2006, Davis is a first- time candidate for public office hoping to score an upset victory over an incumbent congress­man.

Walz, however, deter­mined three years ago at the beginning of his upstart campaign that he needed to raise at least $1 million, mostly for televi­sion advertising, in antici­pation of a blitz of televi­sion attack ads by Gutknecht. By the first quarter of 2006, Walz was out-raising Gutknecht and had cut the incumbent's cash- on-hand advantage to $555,000.

Davis' campaign account is nearly $1 mil­lion lighter than Walz's and he still faces a primary election challenge for the Republican nomination from state Sen. Dick Day of Owatonna. A member of the Day campaign said Thursday that his fund­raising report, which isn't due at the Federal Elections Commission until next week, was still being compiled.

Davis promised a better fund-raising total for the second quarter of the year, and he still expects nation­al Republican leaders to provide money and resources to his campaign. . . .

Kathleen Castrovinci

Great work, Ollie.

It goes to show that Tim Walz has such broad support financially from many spectrums of the District.

It bothers the much of the MNGOP to no end that Tim has support from Republicans who like his style as well as the attention he pays to constituents in the District that Gil did not pay.

Whatg a relief and a privlidge it is to have a Representative in Washington who understands what the word actually means.

Ollie Ox

Given that El Tinklenberg raised about $127,000 in the Sixth (with about $100,000 cash in hand) and he isn't even endorsed yet to run against Bachmann and there's an open seat in the Third, where are those national Republican leaders going to find the money to aid Davis, who will be facing a primary challenge from Day?

Minority leader John Boehner's ROMP has the Sixth and the Third on its list, but not the First. As the Washington Post and other sources have been pointing out, the National Republican Congressional Committee has a lot of defense to do for vulnerable Republicans all over the country, while its fundraising is lackluster and cash on hand meager.

Walz's fundraising this quarter is quite heavy on individual contributors. His total from unitemized small contributors alone is larger than the figure Davis cited to the Mankato Free Press. Guess we have to wait until that report due tomorrow is filed to see the details of who gave to Davis.


Briand Davis!

How dare you not genuflect in Tim Walz's presence and kiss his ring?

We should all feel privileged to breathe the same air as Tim Walz.


Ollie Ox

Once again, da Silva pulls out a stereotype inhabiting his head and exposes it for the readers. He could be a case study for Walter Lippman.

However,there's a golden opportunity for hands-on education going on. Since the real Holy Father arrives in this country today, so perhaps Mr. daSilva could fly to Washington or New York to get a glimpse of people interacting according to proper protocol with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

Then he might attend one or more of Walz's open public forums.

Should Mr. Silva complete this instructional program, the experience might clarify the difference between the pope and the congressman for Minnesota's First Congressional District.

Once he grasps this key distinction, perhaps he might say something meaningful about Tim Walz, Brian Davis, Dick Day or fundraising.

As for the gagging problem, surely Mayo Clinic has someone on board to help with that.


Please allow me to post a slightly-rephrased lecture from the recent past:

This has been such an enlightening thread. It has shed so much light on the partisanship and intolerance of the local GOP.

The parasite GOPers who have criticized Tim Walz here would have to live one thousand lifetimes - each infinitely more productive, beneficial and honorable than the ones they are wasting right now - to even audition to become half the man Tim Walz is. And still, they would never "make it to Hollywood, baby."

The GOP believes itself the master (political) race. "Apostates" like Tim Walz or critics like Ollie Ox are unceremoniously and self-righteously confined to regressive conservative ideological concentration camps and gulags. What an intolerant, hateful lot! Save your fatwas for yourselves.


It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I know of no similar sayings regarding plagiarism or lack of creativity, imagination and original thought. Or sense of humor, for that matter.

From now on, I will endeavor to observe protocol when discussing His Tax and Spendness First District Congressman Tim Walz. Amen.

Ollie ox

No. da Silva: You are the one *comparing* Walz to the Holy Father.

I am the one *contrasting* Walz to Pope Benedict XVI.

You brought up the analogy: it's yours and yours alone.

The rest of us just say, "Hi Tim!". And you can too! Try showing up at his free public meetings. There's one in Owatonna the Monday after next.

Meanwhile, if you're done distracting everybody here from the subject of the post, here's the details from Brian Davis's Q1 2008 FEC report:

11. Contributions (other than loans) From:
(a) Individuals/Persons Other than Political Committees
(i) Itemized 11850.00

(ii) Unitemized 3993.00

(iii) Total Of Contributions From Individuals 15843.00 127548.50 0.00
(b) Political Party Commitees 0.00 0.00 0.00
(c) Other Political Committees (such as PACS) 10000.00 12500.00 0.00
(d) The Candidate 8648.90 58543.76 0.00
(e) Total Contributions (11(a)(iii) + (b) + (c)) 34491.90 198592.26 0.00
12. Transfers From Other Authorized Committees 0.00 0.00 0.00
13. Loans
(a) Made Or Guaranteed By The Candidate 24000.00 24000.00 0.00
(b) All Other Loans 0.00 0.00 0.00
(c) Total Loans ((a) + (b)) 24000.00 24000.00 0.00
14. Offsets to Operating Expenditures (Refunds, Rebates, etc) 0.00 0.00 0.00
15. Other Receipts 0.00 0.00 0.00
16. Total Receipts (11(e) + 12 + 13(c) + 14 + 15) 58491.90 222592.26 0.00

27. Cash On Hand At Close Of The Reporting Period (25 - 26) 50445.50

Kathleen Castrovinci

AS Ollie so detailed as to the fundraising done by Walz and the GOP candidates, support for Tim is growing.

The lack of contributions for John Kline is a result of his low performance with constituents. No public meetings on the issues where questions can be asked. A "no earmark" stance for needed projects in the district, no communication with Business and Civic leaders as to where he could be most helpful. No contact with constituents other than through mailers. Tele-Town Hall meetings where he sits in his Congressional office in front of a computer, while his staff screens calls that he likes and do not challange him, all the while, people hang on the line thinking that they willa ctually get to talk with their congressman. How cold and impersonal is that???

The battle between Dick Day and Brian Davis resembles that of two Bull Elephants fighting over a fertile female. Day has the name recognition and years of Public Service, while Davis's only accomplishments are that of his work at the Mayo Clinic. No Civic and Community involvement. No one knows who this guy is and what he has done for and within and outside the Rochester Community.

All the while, Tim Walz continues to be a servant of the people. He will be holding more open to the public meetings throughout the district, addressing concerns, informing constituents of what is happening in Washington, keeping them engaged in the process of "their Government". How refreshing is that???

Kathleen Castrovinci

Not only refreshing, but what a concept?? To actually see your Representative in Congress up close and personal not just once and a while when it suits him/her!! But ona regular basis.

"Government of the people" means bringing them into the discussions and guestion asking. Engaging the constituency. That was what the Founding Fathers had in mind all along. Tim Walz is bringing that back!!

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