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May 16, 2008

Wykoff + grocery co-op

Here's some from a piece in a today's paper by Laura Gossman. Wykoff has its own grocery store again.

When Dan and Bev Gleason decided they wanted to sell Gleason’s Grocery Store in Wykoff, several people in the community came together in hopes of creating a cooperative grocery store.

The road to ownership of the downtown building has been rocky, but the new co-op has opened.

Wykoff Regional Food Co-op board member Gail Lembke of Chatfield said the legalities in attempting to start a grocery store have been a learning experience.

She said the group has gone through three different deals, all of which fell apart. In the meantime, the Gleasons agreed to lease the building to them.

“We decided we couldn’t wait around for lawyers and bankers,” Lembke said.

While the grocery store will be a co-op, they’ve decided to call it the Wykoff Grocery Store.

The store has a bakery and hopes to have a deli ready by next summer.

The shelves are slowly being filled with pastas, sauces, snacks and sodas — anything you’d find at a small town grocery or general store.