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3 posts categorized "Mazeppa news"

November 01, 2010

Mac's Park Place resurfaces after flood

Macsunderwater Here's a piece of my column in today's paper. Thanks to Mike Hart for shipping me a note Friday about the re-opening of Mac's Park Place fives weeks after being completely flooded.

And I appreciated Chantel Rouhoff taking time to talk to me Friday night as everyone else celebrated.

For more on this, look at the full column posted here.


Just weeks after being submerged last month's floods, a campground with a bar and grill below the Lake Zumbro Dam started cooking again Saturday.

Macsrepaired "Mac's Park Place is open again. We had a lot of great volunteers … friends who made this happen," said Chantel Rouhoff, talking loud to be heard over the laughter and music from the grand re-opening party going on around her.

Randy and Chantel Rouhoff own the riverfront campground with fishing, tent camping, RV hookups, golf cart races, hiking as well as karaoke and a meat raffle every Friday night at the grill.

Mac's is between Oronoco and Mazeppa at the mouth of the Zumbro River. It is in the shadow of the Lake Zumbro.

November 04, 2006

New biz list for Nov. 6

Here's some from the list of new and renewing businesses for the area from the Minnesota Secretary of State's office. I find the Gregory Poland business interesting. I wonder if that is Mayo Clinic's infectious disease expert?:

• Equinox Enterprises, LLC
181 Oakmont Ln
Red Wing

• Second Run, LLC
Joseph G Sutherland
3338 19th St. N.W.

• A, J & J Holdings, LLC
503 Bluff Road N.W.

• USA Imports LLC
3614 Kenosha Drive N.W.

• Gregory A. Poland & Associates, LLC
1079 Plummer Lane S.W.

• Knutson Properties of Rochester, LLC
2702 14th Ave. S.W.

• DOT Properties, LLC
1122 Sixth St. S.W.

• MOG Pine Island LLC
5003 Regal Oak Lane S.W.

• Vision Prototypes, LLC
Henry Robinson Jr
863 25th St. S.E.

• Z & I Properties, LLC
5915 U.S. 14 E

• Jolly Jelle, LLC
1244 Ninth Ave. S.E.

• The Dragonfly Floral LLC
213 Main St. S

April 17, 2006

New retreat for scrapbookers

On May 1, the Reflections Retreat Home is scheduled to open in Mazeppa and owner Sara Knoll hopes her guests will experience as much inspiration as relaxation while staying at the 3,000 square-foot, 12 bed center.

“I wanted to provide an opportutnity for women to get away and connect with other women and enjoy their hobby,” she said.

While scrapbooking weekends are the primary focus, the home is also available for businesses looking for a quiet place for strategy meetings or team-building sessions.

It features a computer, printer and craft-related tools on site. A kitchen, fireplace and an inspiration room with bright lighting and lots of workspace are other amenities.

Knoll, who works as a training coordinator for Dakota County, owns the house with her husband Dan Knoll. They bought the house on March 10.

While it is business, “It also feeds my addition (to scrapbooking,)” she says.