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15 posts categorized "LeRoy news"

March 06, 2015

10 years of blogging Rochester

On March 4, 2005, I wrote my first blog post. Kiger's Notebook blogo 2x

It was my sixth year at the Post-Bulletin. I created the "Heard on the Street" column about three years before the blog began. 

More  than 6,200 posts, stacks of columns, mountains of tweets and many gray hairs later, I'm still here writing about business and things vaguely related to businesPhoto on 2015-03-03 at 18.11s in southeastern Minnesota.

It'syou, the readers, who make this career such a fulfilling and entertaining one. Thank you everyone for your feedback, criticism and support over these past 10 years. 

10 years of blogging Rochester

On March 4, 2005, I wrote my first blog post.Kiger's Notebook blogo 2x

It was my siPhoto on 2015-03-03 at 18.11xth year at the Post-Bulletin. I created the "Heard on the Street" column about three years before the blog began. 

More than 6,200 posts, stacks of columns, mountains of tweets and many gray hairs later, I'm still here writing about business and things vaguely related to business in southeastern Minnesota.

It's you, the readers, who make this career such a fulfilling and entertaining one. Thank you everyone for your feedback, criticism and support over these past 10 years.  

April 14, 2009

Military invades Mayo Clinic

Well, kinda. Sorta.

Look for some big brass military-types on Mayo Clinic's Rochester campus this week through Wednesday.
The Military Health System has a new deal called the Traveling Fellowship Program for "current and future healthcare decision-making leaders from the Army, Navy and Air Force."

That means going on tour to major health institutions. The 2009 military medical tour covers Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic.

The Mayo Clinic blog says the topics to be discussed include:

  • Mayo Clinic History and Vital Statistics
  • Governance of Mayo Clinic
  • Mayo Model of Care
  • Patient Logistics
  • Patient Experience
  • Health Information Technology
  • Global Products and Services
  • Human Resources
  • Wellness
  • Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center
  • Research
  • Center for Innovation
  • Education

  • Here's a little from the release on this:

    The goal of the Fellowship program is to provide senior leaders the ability to discuss and collaborate with their colleagues in the civilian sector. The overarching themes of the visits will include transformational leadership and culture, reengineered clinical and administrative processes and infrastructure.
    “We are committed to providing the very best care to our patients throughout the MHS,” says Dr. S. Ward Casscells, the assistant secretary of defense for health affairs. “This program will enable us to continue to collaborate and gain insight from our civilian partners and bring those insights directly to the warriors and families we serve.”


    April 09, 2009

    Meaty details on Newt's Express

    For many people a good (or even great) hamburger is all they need for a memorable lunch.


    Now the makers of popular Rochester burgers plan on offering a new side dish that they think will bring in even more downtown lunch customers - speed.

    The food and drink specialists behind Newt’s Bar, City Café300 First, Redwood Room, Culinary Market and other Rochester hot spots are cooking up a quick lunch offering – Newt’s Express - in the skyway between the US Bank building and University Square shopping center.

    In 2007, the upstairs bar on First Avenue re-launched serving lunch after a several year hiatus. And the burgers like the Juicy Lucy attracted people to Newt’s Bar above the City Café on First Avenue.

    “People come in all the time and say, ‘Gosh, I’d love to come here more, but I don’t have that long of a lunch break,” says Denise Villeneuve of Newt’s and the other Creative Cuisine eateries.

    So to serve that crowd, Newt’s Express will open in mid-May in 1,400-square-feet of the former Oddfellows building’s second floor that now opens into the skyway for easy access by Mayo Clinic workers and other downtown Rochesterites. 

    “We will be cooking the same award-winning half-pound burgers just like we do at Newt’a,” she says, “We’ll just be offering a little scaled down menu.”

    Expect a large seating area, counter service, a fireplace and big windows looking out on downtown.

    Villeneuve expects addition staff will be hired for the Express location and they will be mixed with current Creative Cuisine employees.


    January 05, 2009

    Here's some from a piece by reporter Laura Gossman from LeRoy:

    59412317_907507a1f0 Not many grocery stores can claim they’ve been open for nearly 80 years and even fewer stores can carry the Red Owl name.

    Brownlow’s Red Owl Grocery Store in LeRoy has been serving customers in the area since Bernard Brownlow purchased the store in 1931.

    Store owner Kay McCloud said SuperValu bought out the Red Owl name in 1988 and the grocery store went with Affiliated Foods, so it had to remove its Red Owl sign.

    McCloud recently decided to go with a different grocery company, Mason Brothers, and SuperValu agreed to let her put the iconic “Red Owl” letters back on the store’s front. It’s one of two known Red Owl stores left in the United States. The other store is in Green Bay, WIs.

    McCloud is the granddaughter of Bernard Brownlow. Her father, Robert Brownlow bought the store from his father in 1956.

    “He’s 75 and still cuts meat at the store everyday,” McCloud said of her father.
    McCloud said she’s worked at the store since she was 12 and little has changed inside the store over the years.

    She took over management of the store in 2004 and her daughter, Liz Miles, also helps run the business. McCloud is married to Billy McCloud.

    Over the years, McCloud has collected Red Owl memorabilia and she displays her finds throughout the store.

    The collection includes Red Owl playing cards, Red Owl Motor Oil ads and old Red Owl aprons.

    Some of the items collected were found in the store’s basement and others  McCloud bought on eBay auctions.

    “Six months ago, a lady from Minneapolis wanted to borrow some of our stuff for a movie,” McCloud said. “We’ve had people come from all over the state to see the store. It’s funny what people from big cities do for entertainment.”

    McCloud said 11 other grocery stores have gone through LeRoy over the years, but her family’s store is the only one that has persevered.

    She said in order to make a small-town grocery store profitable, the owners have to run it themselves.

    November 20, 2008

    Red Robin + Rochester + ...?

    Lately, there seems to be a lot - not as many as the White Castle, Chuck E Cheese, Sonic and Chili's crowds, of course – of commenters cheeping for a Red Robin Gourmet Hamburger place in Rochester.

    So I checked in with the company and I quickly got an e-mail in return:

    Hi Jeff. Thank you for your interest in Red Robin Gourmet Burgers! I do
    not see a Red Robin on the map for Rochester at this time. Please feel
    free to keep my email address and email me in the future if you would
    like to check in again.

    Jamie Minkin
    Associate Manager of Communications
    Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

    Not very detailed, but it appears the scarlet bird is not migrating to Rochester anytime soon.

    While I'm on a color theme, maybe I should give Ruby Tuesdays a call.

    September 12, 2008

    LeRoy hotel to be re-born

    Here's some from an article by Laura Gossman about the re-birth of the Sweets Hotel in LeRoy:

    Nzwpbhihk949u4912200884728Walls are being spackled, bathrooms are being tiled and more than a century’s worth of dust is stirring in Sweets Hotel.

    By Oct. 1, the hotel built in 1898 will reopen, giving this city of about 920 residents its first operating hotel in decades.

    “We looked at the hotel and got so much encouragement from people in the community,” said Rick Lamon, who owns Sweets with his wife Cheryl. “I didn’t know how we could possibly tell them that we weren’t going to do it.”

    The Sweets Hotel Restaurant and Lounge, formerly known as Hotel LeRoy Pub and Eatery, on the first floor has already opened.

    Lamon grew up in LeRoy and is the former superintendent for the Lanesboro School District.

    But he’s got a closer connection to the hotel: The man who built it in 1898, William W. Sweets, is a distant relative.

    The Lamon family already has restored an old mill in Lanesboro, turning it into a hotel called Stone Mill Suites. They also own Cheryl’s Apparel next door.

    July 14, 2008

    Action @ ex-Mac Grill?

    Are things revving up at the former Macaroni Grill building by Rochester’ Apache Mall?

    Something might be rolling down the road, but there is no official word yet.

    Dallas-based Brinker International closed Macaroni Grill in March. Brinker has brought in the Texas-based (Roger) Staubach real estate company to market the four-year-old, 7,300-square-foot building.

    No official word yet on a potential, just don’t expect that other Brinker brand…Chili’s.

    July 02, 2008

    Downtown Roch. movin' on up

    After loitering in the Peace Plaza, I strolled about downtown Rochester.
    Really. This was work. Sorta.

    Anyway, I checked on the Minnesota BioBusiness Center and the City Centre building projects.

    I found both clocking along at a good pace.

    More structural supports going up at the BioBusiness Center as the bulk of the edifice becomes more and more building-like.

    And the mood at Joe Weis' City Centre project was festive and busy. A banner wishing Mr. Fogerty a happy 7-th birthday still flapped in the wind. As it did Tuesday. The word is you lease space there for about $20 a square foot.

    I wonder how that compares to the per-square-foot costs at the Minnesota BioBusiness Center?

    Sushi Itto still labors on in the shadow of the construction. I expect they'll be please when it is completed as will RMS McGladrey.

    April 28, 2008

    Last waltz or encore for Blades to Ballet?

    Here's the follow to the tease about a Rochester sports business changing:

    Rochester’s Blades to Ballet might not be ready to step out of the spotlight yet.
    “I’m 98 percent sure that Blades to Ballet will be coming back for an encore,” says owner Cris Fischer.

    Last week it appeared the dance and ice skating store in the Hillcrest Shopping Center would be hanging up it up at the end of May.

    Fischer says it is time for her to move on to “new challenges.”

    That closing announcement sparked “an outpouring of support” for the store, she says.

    Now there is a deal in the works that would keep the store open and Fischer on as a consultant for a time.

    If that final two percent is worked out, expect Blades to Ballet to stay open.