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4 posts categorized "Consignment news"

November 01, 2013

Karma Consignments closes Broadway shop to focus on 2nd St. shop

The owners of Karma Consignments are shifting their full attention to their huge, bright yellow store on Rochester's Second Street.

As part of that strategy, Dave Hatch and Janinne Casey, closed up their North Broadway shop for good this week.

"It's time to focus on our future rather than our past," says Hatch.  "We just don't have enough help to keep both open."

He and Casey originally opened Karma at 407 N. Broadway in fall 2011. Karma sells antiques, used furniture, collectibles and, as their name suggests, they also handle consignments.

"We were bursting at the seams there," he says.

That shouldn't be a problem in the 20,980-square-foot store at 1800 Second St. S.W. They also have a 6,000-square-foot building there. Both were used by Mackie's Home Furnishings until that long-time Rochester business closed earlier this year.

While Karma just opened at start of October, Hatch has already ratcheted up the Second Street store's curb appeal to the super nova level with a bright yellow and red paint job.

"I wanted something that grabbed your attention and slapped you in the face," he says.

Whether his exterior colors are actually slapping anyone around or not, Hatch says the new store is attracting between 80 to 300 shoppers a day.

Karma is looking to bring in even more people by adding vintage and consignment clothing to its mix of merchandise. That's only one of the big ideas that Hatch is cooking up.

"My ultimate goal is to be the Walmart of the antique and consignment world," he says.

October 29, 2013

Something new at The Old Rooster

After being in business for 28 years, something new will happen at a Rochester store that specializes in old things.

The Old Rooster Antique Mall at 106 N. Broadway will get a new owner on Friday, when Ron Ruport takes the reins of the business.

OldroosterRuport, who's a part owner of Mantorville Square Antiques in Mantorville, is buying The Old Rooster from Gordy and Virginia "Granny" Kranz.

The Kranzes opened the mall there in 1985. Prior to that, they owned antique malls in Mazeppa and other spots in Rochester's downtown. The Old Rooster name originated when the couple ran an antique mall in the former Richard's Roost restaurant building on First Street Southwest.

"I've known Gordy and Granny for a long time," says Ruport of how he came to buy the mall. "This mall gets good traffic, especially from Mayo Clinic patients."

The mall currently has 12 dealers with two more on their way. Ruport says that will still leave room for a couple more dealers.

While he has no big changes on the way, the new owner plans to freshen up the mall with touches like new paint. The major innovation he is bringing in is the capability to accept credit cards.

One thing won't change much and that's the Kranzes. While they won't be the mall owners, they aren't retiring, says Gordy Kranz. He and his wife will remain on as dealers in the mall.

Kranz, a retired Rochester police officer, says the many years running The Old Rooster have been good ones.

"We've got good dealers that price items fairly. We don't have any hot shots," he says. "It's been interesting. People come in, look around and find something they are looking for. Then they're happy. If they don't find anything, they still had fun looking and it didn't cost them anything."

September 11, 2013

Gagnon sculpture goes on sale

A bronze sculpture by internationally renowned local artist Charles E. Gagnon recently went on sale by consignment in downtown Rochester.

Cache_4084796136The sculpture, called "Dancer Stretching," is on display at John Hasseler's Broadway Jewelry & Visual Arts, 325 South Broadway. Gagnon, who died in 2012, is best known locally for his Peace Plaza fountain sculpture.

His widow is developing the Charles E. Gagnon Museum and Sculpture Garden in the late artist's southwest Rochester home.

The bronze on display at Broadway Jewelry is 15" by 14" wide and weighs about 25 pounds. The owner lives in Montana and originally bought it directly from Gagnon in 2000 for $27,000. The asking price on the piece is $33,000.

Gagnon broke the mold after casting, so there is only one such sculpture. However, the artist did also make a larger version of the sculpture.

Hasseler, a goldsmith and jewelry maker, opened Broadway Jewelry in early 2012. He carries many original pieces of art, jewelry and offers watch repair. His gallery has works by three other bronze artists on display as well as 30 other artists.

December 31, 2012

Kismet's winter break

Look for things to be quiet this January along the 600 block of North Broadway as the crew at Penny Bracken's three Kismet consignment fashion and home decor shops take a "deserved winter break" to prepare for the new year.
Kismet fans shouldn't be worried though. The stretch of more than 10,000 square feet of quirky and cool consignment that some in Rochester call Penny Lane (Well, I do anyway. Heh) will come back to life again on Feb. 1.

Here's how Bracken describes Kismet's time off - "We may be hibernating but be assured we will be ready and raring to serve the consignment community when we start back up…"