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March 18, 2013

Flurry of activity at forlorn, orphan lot

So a sharp-eyed reader recently spotted a crew quickly putting up a security fence around the forlorn and often forgotten parking lot without a development, Willow Creek Market at south 48th Street, across U.S. 63 from Shoppes on Maine.

WillcreeklotAfter about six or seven years without any activity, a new fence definitely caught my attention.

When checking it out, i.e. snooping, I spotted some new cars parked in a corner of the lot. When I realized that all of the vehicles were made by Mercedes, the light bulb finally clicked on over my head and this thought bubble soon joined it.

"Hhhmmm... the new Mercedes of Rochester dealership that is getting close to opening across the highway still has its lot Willow full of construction machines. But they would need to be bringing in inventory to prepare for the opening…"

It seems a safe bet that Mercedes is staging its cars on the lonesome orphan lot, while construction wraps up.

Temporary or not, the activity seems positive for the site. Rochester's Hamilton Real Estate is the listing the property these days.


Thanks for letting us know! Believe it or not, this question is EXACTLY why I came to your page today! I wanted to know what the heck was going on over there! The fence is so huge and the cars so far away that I couldn't tell whether they were Mercedes vehicles or not! :)

Since you brought up this vacant lot, what's the scoop? I see there has been a pile of building materials there for years. And I also remember a fun center was once planned, with a bowling alley, laser tag, restaurant, etc. What put that project, or anything else, on hold for so long? Rumor I heard was a bald eagle had nested on or near the property, and the DNR put everything on lock down. Any truth to that?

Gim - I have not heard anything about DNR locking down that area.

It was my understanding that the recession is what killed all of the business plans in that area.

I don't have definitive word on that, so it is possible that the eagle thing could have been a factor.

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