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November 20, 2012

New Med City center to treat 'lousey' problem

A new addition to Rochester is the latest result of two Minnesota moms finding a better solution to a problem that was bugging their kids.

The Twin Cities-based Ladibugs treats head lice with natural products developed by Rachel Knutson and Lisa Rudquist, two suburban moms and nurses.

There are two Ladibugs treatment centers in the Twin Cities area and now they are coming to Rochester. Look for Ladibugs to open on Dec. 1 in the Cedarwood Plaza on 18th Avenue Northwest. That deal was handled by Bucky Beeman of Rochester's Realty Growth Inc.

ElimProduct-line-upThe plan is to have three on staff here and offer treatment by appointment as well providing free educational programs about preventing head lice. They also offer in-home treatment.

So how did these two typical moms become so passionate about treating children with head lice that they can discuss squirm-worthy topics like louses, nits and related topics for hours on end?

"It came out of necessity. When our kids had head lice, we used the only available over-the-counter treatments available. These chemicals were a horrible thing to use on kids," says Knutson. "So we created a company that is exactly what we needed back then."

Ladibugs uses a three-step process that uses a natural mint serum to suffocate the bugs followed by two rounds of using a special yeast-based "mousse" that dissolves the "glue" that adheres the parasites' eggs or nits to the scalp. A couple dry towelings between mousse uses with a wrap-up comb-out with Ladibugs special metal micro-grooved comb complete the hour or so treatment.

"All of the over the counter products focus on either just the louse or on the nits. Ours is the only system that takes care of both," she says. "The over-the-counter treatments on the market are old and haven't changed. Now the lice are becoming resistant to them. They're becoming superbugs."

Most Great Clips hair salon now sell the Ladibugs lice treatment products.

For children older than four, Ladibugs also uses a FDA-cleared device call the Lousebuster that uses heat to kill the critters. They guarantee being lice-free for two weeks after the Lousebuster treatment.

Ladibugs even have a product to prevent lice infestation that can be sprayed on backpacks and coats.

"Head lice is not a hygiene issue. Lice prefer clear hair," says Knutson. "Kids bringing head lice home from school is second to only the common cold. Lice never take a break."


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