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October 24, 2012

Could Roch. schools have another building on shopping list?

Shopping-cartIf all of the chatter I've been hearing is accurate, Rochester Public Schools is not done buying big commercial buildings this fall.

The school district bought the almost empty Rochester Market Square complex earlier this month for $2.1 million, but another purchase could be in the works.

It sounds like the schools could be wrapping up yet another Rochester real estate deal very soon. I plan to do my homework, so we should find out soon if another deal is on the Rochester Schools' lesson plan.


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This is a fantastic idea by the RPS. Use the buildings that exist and that keeps the costs down and limits the waste in the community.

Wonder if the same could be done with the Home Design Studio building? Because I've been trying to figure out a new use for the building for months and can't think of one.

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