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September 18, 2012

What goes around, becomes Ground Round

It is almost time to hit the ground running, because Rochester's new Ground Round Restaurant & Bar is circling towards opening next month.

For much of the summer, construction has been under way to turn the former 331 Bar and Grill/ Hangar into a Ground Round. That's at 7386 Airport View Drive S.W. by the Rochester International Airport.

"It is going to look totally different inside and outside from what it was before," says Joe Powers, one of the quartet of local owners. "It is going to be absolutely spectacular."

Powers is launching the new restaurant with Andy Chafoulias, Todd Klees and Jason Windsor. Windsor will be the owner/manager running things.

While there is no specific date yet, they hope work will wrap up in time to open the doors during the first week of October. Most of the team of 70 to 80 employees have been hired, though the store will still accept applications.

Why launch a new restaurant in a location some would say is too far from the heart of the city?
"People don't realize that there is an amazing amount of households that are out here," says Powers. "There is plenty of market out here."

And there is the expected synergy between the Ground Round with Powers' nearby Rochester International Events Center and Chafoulias'  AmericInn hotel.

"It will be a heck of a combination," he says.

There was a Ground Round in front of the Crossroads Shopping Center in south Rochester for many years, but it closed about a decade ago.

While this new updated version of the family dining restaurant will have a similar atmosphere and menu, diners should not expect an exact recreation of the Ground Round from the 1980s and 1990s.

The well-known practice of eating peanuts and throwing the shells on the floor is gone. The chain discontinued that in 2004, but every table does get a fresh bowl of popcorn.


hope they do well-good to get them back!

If the market is good out there why did the other 2 resturants close up?? poorly run-bad managment?

Mike - It is very hard to say what factors might have come into play with the previous businesses. However, CostCo was definitely not across the street when they were open. In a few weeks, CostCo and the new Kwik Trip will change the atmosphere in the neighborhood.

Jeff, I think you are confusing, Rooster Bar n Grill with the Ground Round. I think Mike's question was referring to why the Hanger and 331 were not successful, and how somehow Ground Round will be. As far as Roosters goes, we did have a lunch there on Sunday. My only encouragement is to scrap the texas toast (thick hard crust) on the chicken sandwich for a fresh locally made bun or ciabatta.

Im talking about the Ground Round-i think you are talking about Roosters Barn & Grill.

I'm thinking Jeff is referring to Roosters... not Ground Round.
i.e. catch 22 and Bob's Ribs.

Speaking of Roosters... we went there for breakfast on Saturday and REALLY enjoyed it! The staff was very nice, the food was excellently prepared, and we felt a good value for the money. Highly recommend giving them a shot!

Yes im talking about the Ground Round and the owner saying the market is good out there-why then not good for the Hanger & 331, why is Ground Round any different-the name?

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