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August 10, 2012

CostCo construction clipping along

With just 99 days until its scheduled opening, work on Rochester's new CostCo mega store is rolling along at a good pace these days.

08082012costcositeCostCo has an opening date of Nov. 16 listed on on its website for the new Med City location.

Get enough of a vantage point, you can see that quite a bit of of work on the 150,000-square-foot store plus a satellite gas station was done this week.

Remember, this is at the corner of 19th Street Northwest and West Circle Drive.

Kwik Trip  is also working on its new location by CostCo. The 108-acre West Circle Drive development is actually owned by Kwik Trip.

08012012costcosignWhen I wrote about Rooster's Barn and Grill opening on the hill just across the road, some readers commented that the former Leo's Pizza Palace/Catch-22/Bob's Smokestack Ribs location does not seem to a good spot for a business.

I think it is worth pointing out that when those businesses tried to make a run in the spot, they did not overlook CostCo and the businesses that cluster around it.

I think the history of that area is about to changeā€¦ in about 99 days.


Jeff, any idea what the grocery store is going to be? With Hy-Vee building just down the road I would think it would be a different chain. Perhaps Festival or Woodmans?

While you are mentioning these two, why not comment on the difference in pay between them, found the add for jobs to be particularly disconcerting. Who can live on that pay, Costco does pay a living wage.

Ray, Kwik Trip is a convenience store. The people that work at Kwik Trip do so to make some additional money, not to be their sole form of support for their family. Costco and Kwik Trip are two completely different companies with two completely different philosophies on worker pay. Kwik Trip is like any convenience store or fast-food restaurant in that there is high turn-over in employees. Most people know that when they go to work for Kwik Trip or McD's that they aren't going to get rich doing so.

Funny i see the same employees at Kwik Trip that have been there along time-cant be that bad of a place to work?

Looks like the new Kwik Trip on 19th street is open. There were cars at the pumps this morning and they had their gas prices lit up on the sign outside.

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