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May 02, 2012

Take-and-bake dough biz to close

After about two years since it first arose on the Rochester scene, a take-and-bake frozen dough business will soon close its doors.

Ads and announcements this week say that U-Bake is closing with a possible final day of around June 15. Here's some from one of those messages:

We will continue to offer BIG SAVINGS to you through approximately mid June, 2012.  Please redeem any U-Bake, Rochester gift cards promptly.  Stock up and enjoy those savings!   It has been our pleasure to serve you, and, as always, thank you for your business!

U-Bake, which is owned by Dianna Baker is located in a 2,000-square-foot spot in the Crossroads Plaza anchored by Walgreens . That'09082010ubake1jks the center  where Maid-Rite recently closed and Jimmy John's gearing up to open.

The concept of U-Bake is all about conveneince. It has about 20 freezers full of frozen, bake-at-home products, including about 59 kinds of cookies, about 30 types of breads, 18 pies, 15 pizza crusts, croissants and cinnamon rolls.

It also carried specialty meats and cheeses from around Minnesota.

I'll check to see if I can find out any more on this.




Feel bad for the owner of the business. I wonder if that is just a doomed location or is it poor marketing?

Very sad to see this place closing. Was in there quite often to buy things. Very friendly staff with great product selection.

They were always running sales and there always seemed to be people in the store when I was there.

I don't know the business financial details but perhaps the location was a contributing factor to the closing? That location just seems "out of the way" even when driving past on broadway. It just seems crowded and difficult to get in and out of that strip mall.

"They were always running sales..."
That could be the problem right there. Either you can't move the merchandise, so you have to run a sale (and take a hit on profits), or it's priced too high to begin with, and the sale price is what customers are actually willing to pay.
In any case, by "always running sales", you train your customers to never buy at "full price" and at the same time imply your product isn't worth "full price".
When's the last time you paid "full price" for anything at Kohl's?

I agree with what Luke says.I think I've only been back in that area one time to go to Maid-Rite but it seems like it is a hassle to get in and out of their.Too bad there wasn't another way in/out over at the other end.That is now 2 businesses that have closed over there this year.I wonder how the seafood place is doing.Hopefully they will not be the 3rd to close.

Really hate to say it, but I'd blame the product over the location. Tried a number of things from them... none of them really impressed me.

I think the concept has some issues too. It is hard to know what you are buying when all you see is plastic bag after plastic bag of frozen "something" in a huge freezer case. Very clear and enticing pictures would have helped in my opinion. I will miss them - they had a great selection of hard to find baking products like dough conditioner and powdered buttermilk.

I have two cans of dough conditioner that I will not be needing anymore (just doesn't do anything in my breads).
E-mail me at if you'd like to buy them from me. I could also send you a link to the product page.

I heard from a reliable source that their closing has nothing to do with how well they were or weren't doing. Was told it had to do with the name of the business and something legal. Like using a name that someone says they can't. I wouldn't be surprised to see them open again in the future and doing well.

The manager when I was in there last (a few weeks ago) was talking about another UBake in Northfield who closed and re-opened under a different name, to no longer be a franchise. She said that owner is "now doing really well." Almost seems omen-like in retrospect.

SJ - I'm good for now as I just bought a couple bags of it at u-bake a couple weeks ago and I don't do that much baking - I just use it in my pizza dough at home. Thanks though!

I was one of their most frequest shoppers. They didn't always have everything on sale. They would often have only a couple items-- a certain cookie or certain bread or roll, their cheeses only, etc. on sale, so I don't think it was because they always had stuff on sale. Also, I didn't find it hard to find items-- all items were clearly marked with what the variety was in the bag, the count of the items, and the pricing. They have wonderful products. If you haven't been in there yet, I strongly encourage you to go in and stock up on some wonderful things. They have great prices on spices, too!

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