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May 15, 2012

Firing up a new bread business

If you have been a reader of this blog for very long, you will probably recognize the name Jennebach. Stephan Jennebach has long been a regular commented on this site.

And now he is a subject with the new bread baking business he has cooked up.

Stephan Jennebach is keeping it "real" as he fires up his hand-built oven in his Zumbrota backyard.

 Originally trained as a baker in Germany, Jennebach has done a variety of things, including a stint at Daube's Bakery in Rochester, since he moved to southeastern Minnesota in 1995.

Most recently a stay-at-home dad, he started baking whole wheat flaxseed bread for his son, Tanner, and his wife, Shelia.

That first loaf proved a spark that ignited an idea, which smoldered and eventually fueled a new business called Firebrick Bread.

He'll start selling his selection of fresh-baked loaves of cranberry-walnut sourdough, French bread, whole wheat sourdough and whole wheat flaxseed on May 21 at the launch of the Zumbrota Farmer's Market.

"My focus is on real ingredients, a real baker and a real oven," he says.
The foundation of his new venture is a brick, outdoor, wood-fired oven that Jennebach built himself in October.

"The majority of ingredients I use are grown locally and are organic," he says to explain that part of his trio of "Reals." In addition, Jennebach also mills his own whole wheat flour.

While people will be able to buy his breads during the weekly Zumbrota Farmer's Market, he is also accepting pre-orders for loaves through his website and via email.


Congratulations Stephan! Best of luck to you!

Thanks - and thanks for the "love", Jeff.
The website is
Lots of pictures and info on the breads and the oven there.

I think it is so cool that your place looks like the front of a Target store. Ha! Good luck. Cinnamon Apple Bread too?

Yah - you gotta love that Jeff keeps all of his old pictures, even if they were sent to him years ago...:)

No Sweet breads yet - later this summer, I might add a sweet yeast braid that's been a huge hit at family gatherings...

Heh. I never throw anything away. I'm a journalistic hoarder.

Was just at the Farmers Market and all the bread was sold out in less than ten minutes! Glad I preordered mine! Can't wait to taste it, great to have local made bread in Zumbrota!

Yeeaahhh - What a run on bread it was. I thought I had baked plenty, but the 40+ loaves I had made to sell to walk-up customers (along with the 33 pre-ordered ones), went in just about a half hour.
Next week (yes, on Memorial Day!), I will have lots of extra, but if you really want a certain kind, pre-ordering is the way to go.

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