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April 23, 2012

Will employees picket in IBM in Roch. Tues.?

Alliance@IBM members and supporters are calling for informational pickets at IBM sites Tuesday to call attention to job cuts and off-shoring.

Uniglobalunion_ohThis is sort of a real world version of the protests held a few years ago in Second Life.

Does anyone know if any pickets or protests are planned in Rochester on Tuesday?

Or are there any counter pro-IBM events planned in response to these?

6a00d83451cc8269e2010535c75537970b-piI'm interested in possibly covering if something on either side of this issue is happening here in Rochester.

Here's some the description from the pro-union Alliance@IBM group about the event:

IBM no longer releases headcount numbers by country because it is the evidence of massive job shifting.  The Alliance estimates that the IBM US employee population is now at 95,000 down from 132,000 in 2005. Meanwhile IBM employee numbers worldwide, especially in low-cost countries continue to increase.
The Alliance calls for:
• No tax breaks or incentives for companies that shift jobs off-shore and terminates US workers.

• Full disclosure of IBM job cuts and where the jobs are being shifted to.

• An end to shifting work offshore and firing US workers.


According to the the protest is Rochester, MN: Peace Plaza 4pm to 5pm.

I don't know how many people will show though. There's the fear of being "marked".

So you think people might not be interested in criticizing their employer, particularly one known for doing a lot of job cuts?

Sigh. That seems likely.

I wish everybody working for any of the area's major employers could speak their mind without fear of reprisal or losing their job.

I'd have a lot of interesting things to write.

If you haven't seen this analyst's commentary on IBM, it might be interesting. My sources say this is the strategery.

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