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April 19, 2012

One man's Facebook page is another's plea for White Castle

OK, so this has been out there since January. But I just noticed it or maybe just remembered it....

Anyway, this one is for the Med City Slider fans out there and I'm not taking about Honker baseball (Though that Slider and Honker baseball are awesome, right Litz?).

 Brandon of Rochester runs a Facebook page called,"Bring White Cast le to Rochester."

Here's what he has to say to those in their steamy ivory tower:

This is my feeble attempt to get WC's attention. :)

I moved to Rochester from the Twin Cities 4 years ago & I have finally come to my breaking point. I am so tired of having to drive to South Saint Paul to get White Castle.
All I want are some of those amazing Mozzy Stix, a couple Chicken & Cheese sandwiches and an order of Chicken Rings within a 10 minute drive from my house. Is that too much to ask?

Seriously White Castle, we have 4+ colleges in Rochester - that means a lot of starving college kids. PLUS Winona is nearby & they don’t have a WC… hence, more starving college kids. If you build a WC, they will come.

Pl 6a00d83451cc8269e20162ffca1c47970d-250wius my two sons ages 6 &4… they LOVE your kid’s meals with the Chicken Rings and Fries. They eat it better than any other fast food meal out there. Seriously.

See look at that, BOOM, market research done.

Hard to argue with that logic. heh.




I'd rather get a Pottbelly, Illegal Petes, Spicy Pickle, a Chiptole downtown, Chick-fil-A, Maoz Vegetarian, or heck, even a Sonic before getting "but our meat is approved for human consumption" White Castle.

Lets get a Hardees back, way better choices than Mcdonalds!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Some of my favorite stories of my youth growing up in the Chicago area start with "it was 2 in the morning and we were drunk and decided to go to White Castle for some rectum rockets." We will have new places for some fun crime stories. Note to White Castle: Please don't put it SE. To close to the Bubba homestead.

@Allen White Castle hamburgers are 100% beef.

While I am not a WC fan at all, not even in the slightest actually, I say go on with your bad self Brandon! Way to be proactive and take matters into your own hands! I hope your WC dream comes true in Rochester and your work pays off :)

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