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April 24, 2012

More on CostCo - its $1M gas kiosk

Costco_gas.b6udr1115y8k4wkkksowg8c04.6ylu316ao144c8c4woosog48w.thFollowing up my Monday column on CostCo's permit application for the $17.34 million shell of its 152,934-square-foot store in northwest Rochester, the permit for Costco's associated gas station canopy and kiosk was filed Monday. 

The gas station and kiosk project is valued at pretty much $1 million even.

If you had some sort of emergency last night and didn't read my column, here's some from it:


Look for action to ramp up soon on Rochester's 19th Street as work on the massive new Costco store and latest Kwik Trip kick off.

Two early building permits for the 152,934-square-foot Costco store were filed with the city of Rochester this week and are starting to wend their way through official channels.

For the record, Costco's complex adds up to more than 3 acres of retail under one roof.

One permit application filed Wednesday listed the value of the Costco project at $17.34 million. By comparison, the structural shell of the Mayo Clinic's plan to build four additional floors on top of the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center is valued at $16.7 million.

Another Costco p04242012costcoworkermit filed the same day was for three retaining walls — 375 feet, 140 feet and 160 feet in length — estimated at about $50,000.

Costco's plans to build in the new commercial development at 19th Street Northwest and West Circle Drive first rolled out in December. Costco has six warehouse stores in Minnesota, all in the Twin Cities area. This will be the first in the southern part of the state.

Kwik Trip's real estate arm, which is also working on a new convenience store there, is driving the 108-acre project in northwest Rochester.
Meanwhile, Kwik Trip's plans for its own new convenience store and gas station, which will stand very near to Costco's, have also started through the city permit system.

The La Crosse, Wis.-based chain plans to build a 5,770-square-foot station with a car wash. It's valued at $1.48 million, according to the main building permit.


Any updates on Zietlow's Valleyhigh project you mentioned earlier? Is that still going to happen?

Two places for gas in the same area? Plus another KT 1 mile to the south.

Two gas stations in the same area, and another a mile away ?

Consider that in the day there were places in Rochester that had 3 stations on ONE corner - ususally with the same price and same services; and at least one in the next block.

KT might want to give up on the gas portion of the property and instead sell the space to a fast food joint.

I don't think its unusual for the proxemities to be so close. Take, for instance, Fleet Farm and the Kwik Trip just across the bridge from there. Or the HyVee gas station with a Greenway just up the street. I think the Fleet Farm gas station does a good job at keeping the adjacent Kwik Trip in check with pricing, they are generally the lowest per gallon in town. Hopefully, Costco can do the same.

11th Ave NW has a kwik trip with a SA right next to it (not sure how much longer that SA will last though... seems it is only there to get robbed.)

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