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April 09, 2012

Kiger's Notebook reborn

Sorry for disappearing for so long, but I'm back now.

Photo 45As the PB changed its online approach, I took some time off from the blog to consider its future and what it should look like. It was sort of like a strategic planning retreat without the big pads of paper or markers.

Actually, there wasn't much strategy either. Heh.

I didn't really come up with any great insights other than I missed writing Kiger's Notebook. This blog launched back in March 2005. For seven years, I've been posting bits and pieces of news and semi-humorous quips on here.

I think I'd like to keep doing that.

So to any readers left out there, I pose the question - What would you like to read on this blog? What kind of info will make it worth your time.

The bottom line is that I'm back and this blog is back in the game.


Woohoo! Welcome back Jeff! I for one am game for the same thing tou've always done. Tidbits that won't fit, or aren't appropriate for being, in the print column. Updates on old stories that aren't getting any traction. Your sophomoric wit. Etc.

Missed you. What should you write about? All the business stuff we see changing around town. Like the construction at the old oil change place across Civic Center Drive from Barlow Hy-Vee. We love to hear about it. And it gets me to look at the paper paper to get more detail!

Welcome Back! I prefer to read articles like the Wild Bill restaurant article and not in- depth IBM or clinic pieces on your blog.

For example - tell us where Cheri's boutique moved to when the coffee place by Sontes will open Also when you will be hosting Kiger coffee time again?

Don't leave us again ;-)

Thanks,Guy. If that's what you want, I'll do my best to deliver. It does look like the work on the other Joe's Auto Care site on Civic Center is really rolling along.

Vicki - I'll do my best to stick around from now on.

And Cheri's is now inside ArtBitz in Riverside Building.

I'll always use my 15 views on you Jeff!! missed you!

Glad to see there's life in the Notebook again. I was about to clean it out of my favorites. I subscribe to the dead tree version of the PB and I follow you on Twitter, but the blog has advantages over both of those other two forms. They all eventually work together of course.

Is there any update on the food court on 1st Avenue? I went to grab a slice of pizza and a sign said Bilotti's will be back after the construstion is finished? Do you know the timeline? Is Tinn's finally going to make it back downtown?

Hey Jeff, welcome back. Now that the new People's Co-op is up and running in Oronoco, would love to get some update on the current status of the Oronoco Crossings development. It boggles me that a town of 1300 does not have a gas station or convenience store of any kind. Can you get the scoop on what efforts are being made to bring these necessities to Oronoco? Thanks!

Gfather - I know that is a goal for the co-op. I'll check on the progress.

Cool, thanks. I don't get how convenience store franchises aren't falling all over themselves to put something up there. With a town that size and a major business right across the street, they are guaranteed to do excellent business.

Jeff, It is always nice to read what business are coming and going, Ilook for your blog everyday and have missed it.. welcome back.

I checked the blog several times wondering why it was so out of date. Thanks for letting us know! I completely agree with Vicki. I pretty much skip over anything IBM or clinic related and just want to hear about what's opening, closing, moving or changing. Thanks for all your hard work!!

I've been absent for a bit, too. To answer your question, I enjoy this blog because I enjoy finding out what's going on around town. A couple of things I would like to know, though:

1. Well over a year ago (maybe even 2 or 3), I thought I read on here that Apache Mall would be getting a Hollister store. What ever happened with that?

2. Any chance we might get a CVS Pharmacy in Rochester?

Glad to see you back!

Cathie - Thanks for your comments.

• Hollister - I believe that deal evaporated, but I'll check.

• I checked with CVS several times in 2010 and 2011. No dice then. However, I haven't checked recently. I'll make a call.

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