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February 23, 2012

Rochester finally lassoes steakhouse chain

Here's a little from today's column. To read the whole enchilada, check out the print edition of the Post-Bulletin:

Cows (other than ones in nursery rhymes) aren't known for their jumping ability.
In a rare move Wednesday, a well-known steakhouse chain sailed quickly over the first hurdle in its run to build its first restaurant in Rochester.

After years of looking and tantalizing its herds of fans in southeastern Minnesota, Texas Roadhouse has finally staked a claim in Rochester.

41806_107989009247296_3542_nThe Med City's version of the Texas Rangers, the Rochester Planning and Zoning Commission, unanimously approved plans for a 6,995-square-foot freestanding building during a whirlwind six-minute meeting Wednesday.

The restaurant is slated to be built in the parking lot of Rochester's Northwest Plaza shopping center along 55th Street Northwest. The Glimcher Group Inc. owns the center, which is anchored by Walmart and Sam's Club.


There's room in that parking lot for more buildings? Where?

Sweet! I know it's a chain restaurant but it's a great place and will do well in Rochester.

This is great news! BUT terrible if that area is not bad enough with traffic. That intersection/entrance into NW plaza near Wells Fargo/Kwik Trip is one of the worst in Rochester.

Not to mention, the overcrowded parking lot and high traffic volume from the Mayo Park and Ride.

Why not renovate the old Gorilla's/Golden Corral building up the street? Much better accessibility and parking in my mind.

I just wonder where it will be. The end of the Miracle mile plaza would of been better but its good that they finally landed in town. The old Gorilas is bad, because no one would see them.

I imagine they will go somewhere between Kwik Trip and Sam's but closer to the Kwik Trip end. I think the old Gorilla's would have been too small of an area for the restaurant let alone parking too. Seems like the restaurant is much bigger than that building - or appears to be anyway.

That is great news! Excited to have them in our area.

Sounds like they will be building in the parking lot just north of Rogan's Shoes and an estimated 65 parking spots will be lost.

Interesting another BWW parking issue. There is a lot of traffic in that area which is good for the businesses but bad for the drivers. Many people don't understand how to use the main entrance between Kwik Trip and Wells Fargo. We have gotten into the habit of using the light before or after since people seem so confused this three way stop and the turn only lanes. Hopefully they can rework that portion of the parking lot prior to the opening of the Texas Roadhouse.

They might do a round about.

Where have I been? I just read this about Texas Roadhouse coming.. GREAT News. The times I went have been enjoyable, good inexpensive steaks, the waitress and waiters line dance, peanuts to eat while your waiting and the food is really good. i have been waiting for years, now it’s happening....

I am from Texas and all I can say is this is THE BEST place to eat. Try the rattle snake bites and the Steak!! Cant wait!!

Miracle Mile would have been great but they could not come to agreement on rent... Rather have it empty than give a good deal on rent... their loss

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