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February 13, 2012

Fashionable retailer to try Apache Mall on for size

Here's some from column in today's paper about the latest on the movement underway at Rochester's Apache Mall:

A fashion-forward clothing store that targets a youthful crowd thinks Rochester's Apache Mall is a good fit.

Look for Forever 21 to pop up this year at the mall.

Img-thingForever 21, which carries trendy clothes and accessories for women and men, announced last week that it will open a 12,686-square-foot store in the fall.

It will be located in the Macy’s wing of the mall and will encompass the former Disney Store space plus more.

“Adding Forever 21 to our existing unique selection of fashion retailers provides the Rochester community with yet another reason to shop at Apache Mall,” said Kim Bradley, the mall's general manager.

The retailer has a reputation for carrying "fast fashion" at prices that fit the budgets of people ranging from college students to young professionals in their late 20s and 30s.

It is also known for its bright yellow bags with "John 3:16," which refers to a well-known Bible scripture, printed on the bottom.


While this is great for those who like Forever 21.... Jeff, have you heard any rumblings about Banana Republic headed this way?

Jeff - there's another store opening at the mall - Francesca's. I was there last night and they have a big sign over the boxed out store space that was vacated by the shoe store near the food court entrance.

Really another store targeted to teens? Apache Mall how about something for us in our 30's that are too old this this type of store and too young for certain other stores there. Clothing store selection is so bad there for a professional type clothing in a town where there are so many professionals. I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way. The mall manager needs to look at the demographic that shops in her mall not just the demographic of those loitering there on weekends

Ditto to emmielou. Bring on Banana Republic and The Limited, please!

Emmielou and Jess, I could be wrong here, but somehow I have the feeling the local Mall Management isn't exactly picking and choosing off a long list of retailers that are all wanting to come to Rochester. In today's economy, retailers most likely explore the market and then decide if they want to open a store.
If you really want to see certain stores in Rochester, the best thing you could do is contact those retailers and let them know about it.

I agree with Jess & Emmielou! This town is awful for clothes shopping for women in their 30's - 40's. I usually shop online or drive to the cities. BR, Limited, Black & White store, would be great. But I do agree with Stephan that the mall has to work with what comes their way.

There was the Limited in Apache mall- it closed in the late 90's

Hey! i can't wait for forever 21 to come to Rochester mine and many of my friends' favorite store!! ever!! Teenage girls buy the most clothes and are the majority of the people at the mall every day anyway! Thank you Forever 21 for coming!

when is it supposed to come?

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