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December 29, 2011

Four Kmarts to close in Minn.

A "partial" list of the Sears and Kmart stores that are closing came out today.

While Kmarts in Willmar, Duluth, New Hope and White Bear Lake are getting the ax, Rochester's Kmart was not listed.

Sears Holdings Corp. has said it will close as many as 120 Sears and Kmart stores. I Kmart-officet is good news for Rochester that neither the Sears nor the Kmart stores were listed.

However, this list of stores to be closed was labeled as "partial." They survived this f irst round, but they could have to duck duck the ax in later rounds.

I'll keep an eye on it. 


I'm thinking the Rochester Kmart will not be on the next list either.From what I hear they are one of the top performing stores in their district.They would have to close down the Winona store before the Rochester store due to the fact of the population and that Winona store has competition from WalMart and Target as well.

People still go to Kmart?

Yes, Jason, they still shop there. Not in the volume that target or walmart get, but its location makes it an easy stop for meadow park and other SE Roch customers.

Exactly right,YeahOK.I know people that live in that area and they tell me they like it because it is their "neighborhood store".They can walk there and they know where everything is.

My .02:

K-Mart and Sears needs to have a major brand identity overhaul. Maybe even get rid of the K-Mart name and use it as a product line or something.

In the Rockford, IL area there was a chain called Pranges and Prange Way. Prange Way was like K-Mart and Pranges was like Sears. There was synergy to the branding. The same can be done here - Sears and Sears Express.

But simple name changes are not going to cut it.

Overhaul every K-Mart store. Lower the ceilings, change the lighting, get rid of the 1970's era fixtures, new color palette, etc. Make people know that it's not your grandmother's K-Mart. Same with Sears.

Other things that can be done is roll out a major ad campaign like Domino's - hit the critics head on. Listen to the comments by the public and change the perceptions of the customers.

Otherwise, Sears and K-Mart will be wikipedia entries next to Montgomery Wards.

I agree our Kmart needs a Major overhaul-have they ever remodeled the inside? Look how many times Shopko gets a re-do and they are still going!

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