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November 21, 2011

Is Thanksgiving shopping too much?

I'm writing a Black Friday shopping precede article.

Thanksgiving-turkeyThe hot topic seems to be the fact some stores are opening on Thanksgiving for shopping with Old Navy being open all day and Walmart opening at 10 p.m.

The bulk of other stores like Target, Best Buy and the most of the Apache Mall shops are opening at midnight, which is really only one minute away from Thanksgiving.

These moves have incensed many people and have inspired a wave declarations of the sacredness of Thanksgiving and outrage at this violation of the holiday.

• I'm looking for resactions from Rochester shoppers to this.

• Is this an abomination?

• Is it not a big deal?

• Are you going out to shop on Thanksgiving? Black Friday? Never?

• If you are going out early, what deals are drawing you out?





Wait, WHAT?!

I thought it was crazy when Amazon started their "week of black friday" stuff last night. But at least that's online and doesn't require anyone to be WORKING for those sales to happen.

Now you're telling me real retail stores are going to be opening at midnight, and others open on thanksgiving?? WTH is wrong with the corporate people that approved that?! Will they be away from their family to staff the tills at those stores? Doubt it. I feel sorry for those workers.

I've never been a big black friday shopper, I think I went out early one year to snag something specific then came home. I've seen the crowds in the past and decided it was never worth my sanity to go into them for the small discounts on stuff I'd be shopping for.

If I do any shopping this weekend at all, it will be on saturday, and at small businesses, mom and pop stores that wouldn't ask their employees to be there at midnight on friday if they weren't. (And I'm betting more than a few of them won't be.)

In the past few years I have grown to hate black Friday. It feels so wrong. But my mom and sister want me to go to help with Christmas shopping. So being a night person, if I have to go, I would rather go at Midnight, get done and go to bed. I hated getting up at 4am to go shopping. But it isn't really fair to the employees either.

We have no one to blame but ourselves as consumers...if no one lined up at the doors to these businesses, than they wouldn't keep opening earlier and earlier.

If you were smart enough, you would know that these "deals" are not always the best deals out there. And time is also money, how much time and hassle are you going through to save that $20, $50, $100 or whatever you may be saving?

I would rather go back two weeks later and pay the extra $20 and not have to wait in line for such a long time and avoid the congestion and crowds all-together.

Anyone deciding to open their doors on Thanksgiving night or before 5AM on Friday should be ashamed of themselves.

I'm boycotting the early hours - refusing to go anywhere before 5AM Friday. Workers are entitled to fair treatment and spending one of the major holidays with their families is one of those rights. Waving 9%+ unemployment in front of their faces, people saying "if you don't like it, someone else will take your job" is insulting and a race-to-the-bottom mentality. For those that do have to work on the holiday, like police, fire fighters, etc., they are often involved in public safety. I don't think ringing up Tickle Me Elmo's at Walmart during Thanksgiving is considered "public safety".

As long as people will buy early, the stores will continue to be open earlier every year.
Consumerism at its finest - the economy is down the drain, but, hey, if I can snag that Plasma TV for 200 bucks, everything will be o.k.


Personally, I'm fine with it. If people want to shop at 10pm on Thanksgiving, and skip their holiday meal to stand outside a Wal-Mart, their choice therefore they (consumers) have no reason to complain.

Workers, I have sympathy for, but at the same time, it's hours and they can always trade it off. As a retail veteran I personally enjoyed working Black Friday. I know of a lot of people who would not give availability, and if they were scheduled they would have another person take the time.

I don't find this to be as big of a situation as the national media does.

Not doin' it this year. Too many websites to peruse, too many one-day-only deals to consider, too much comparison shopping to complete. I'll wait until Saturday and shop local, and will drop $20 in a kettle to keep it local.

p stated: "Waving 9%+ unemployment in front of their faces, people saying "if you don't like it, someone else will take your job" is insulting and a race-to-the-bottom mentality."

Stop making-up statements you cannot back-up. Sounds like some "Occupy" garbage. As a retail veteran myself, Birdie stated it correctly.

Retail businesses respond to consumer demand. Period. End of Story.

I'm glad you all feel bad for me as an employee... but honestly... I've been in retail for 8 years now and Black Friday has always been our favorite day to work. We have a blast being crazy busy in the wee hours and the excitement of the holidays starting!! I don't understand why people complain about something like this... just don't go out shopping if you don't agree with it. However you spend Black Friday... please don't assume that all retail employees working are miserable... just because YOU don't think it's right.

I enjoyed working it. Better working and getting money (and overtime) verse sitting on my butt and leeching off the government. (or out there shopping it on the taxpayers dime).

Watergrl and Storm - Thanks for the input from workers from the front lines of Black Friday.

It appears that no matter what, this trend toward earlier Thanksgiving/Black Friday shopping will continue.

It is good hear both the positive reactions as well as the negative.

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