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October 12, 2011

Local guys to bring their restaurant/bar model home to Roch.

In case you missed it yesterday, here's some from my piece about The Loop coming to downtown Rochester:

After finding success with a restaurant-bar in Minneapolis, four restaurateurs are opening a new place in downtown Rochester.

14f8bb1fc074143f2a31c9cc8f848df9318fb2e0_lThe four John Marshall High School alumni — Ryan Brevig, Derek Link, Todd Jensen and Josh Paulsen —  have signed a lease for space in the new 318 Commons building for their second restaurant-bar.

The plan is to open "a full-service restaurant plus a party bar" in a more than 3,600 square feet of shell space on the north side of the building's main level, Brevig says. They hope to open in early 2012, depending on the construction process.

In 2006, the four created The Loop, a  restaurant and bar by the Target Center popular with a young, professional crowd.

The nine-story 318 Commons building was completed this summer. The University of Minnesota Rochester leases 70 apartments as well as classrooms, faculty offices and public space for students. The first students moved in this fall.

"The UMR will be right on top of us. Obviously, that will be the core part of our business," Brevig said.

He expects to offer discounts to tenants and possibly food delivery to the apartments.
"We're extremely excited. We've wanted to come back home for a long time, but we couldn't find the right space," Brevig said. "Rochester's downtown has been absolutely revitalized, since I lived there. This is a great spot for us."

This is the first commercial lease signed for 318 Commons. There is still 8,600 square feet available on the south side of the main floor and another 1,536 square feet on the skyway level by the student union.

To sign a lease as soon as possible, Brevig met with 318 Commons developers Hal Henderson and Grant Michaletz at a gas station along U.S. 35 as they were returning to Rochester while towing a boat after a fishing trip.

Now the planning will begin in earnest. HGA Architects, where Henderson also works as a principal, is designing the restaurant.

The size and shape will be similar to The Loop in Minneapolis, which seats about 135 and capacity for 320.


Is the Rochester U of M campus a non-traditional campus? Otherwise it is interesting they are putting a bar in a dorm where most residents are less than 21.

It's also a restaurant...

Of course, it's also a restaurant. Read the reviews of the Mpls. location. I'm sure college students with a proper ID can afford $5+ per drink, and $10 for an appetizer. Sounds like a place I'll avoid.

Though it will be located in the Commons it may be they chose the location for reasons that have nothing to do with the college students that live there. I have heard from a few downtown business people that are excited to have another option for lunch dining and after work socializing. Also I don't think the Commons is classfied as a dorm. Not an expert by any means, but I thought that it's more of an option for students and other people could rent their also. Anyone know more about this side of things?

Shouldn't we just be proud that four guys who graduated from JM, have successful businesses in the Twin Cities and are now bringing that back to Rochester? Some people complain just to hear themselves speak!

Definitely agree with Nate! This is awesome news!

It is not a dorm per se as it does have apartments for the general public to rent as well as office and classroom space for UMR. In addition it is privately owned.

Of course with a name like bootylicious you would avoid a bar with class. Have fun at Beer Bellyz

You must have been up judging and posting right before you went to church, Tony. I hope you said a prayer for me.

Hopefully it's atmosphere will be better than Dooleys.

How do you get in contact with Jeff to give a new business tip?

Rochgal - Sorry I didn't respond to this Tuesday. I was out of the office yesterday. You can also call me at 285-7798.

D-Rock - Thanks for jumping in to help. I appreciate it.

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