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September 06, 2011

Ethiopian cuisine cooking in Rochester

Halefom "Rico" Dorry is cooking up a plan to add some spice and a new flavor to Rochester's restaurant mix.

Dorry, who grew up in Rochester since he was 14, wants to introduce his hometown to the food and culture of his native Ethiopia by opening a new eatery, The Nile Restaurant.

Alicha_1 "This has long been a dream of mine. This is my way of paying Rochester back for raising me to be the person I am," says Dorry.

He hopes to open The Nile in mid- to late September at 2711 Commerce Drive N.W., off of West Circle Drive. That's the former home of The Clay Oven restaurant, which closed in early August.

For those not familiar with Ethiopian cuisine, many of the dishes are variations of a spicy vegetable and meat stew called wat. Wat is usually served with a soft pancake-like bread called injera.

03292010clayovenjk Dorry plans to offer customers who might not be used to the spongy bread a choice of injera or rice to be served with their dishes.

Side dishes often include vegetables like lentils, potatoes and cabbage.

For folks with a less of a taste for international foods, The Nile will also serve a selection of burgers, salads and kabobs.

He plans to open the family-run restaurant will a staff of three.

"I'm really excited to bring a little bit of my culture, a little bit of Ethiopia to Rochester," Dorry says.

Bucky Beeman of Hart-Beeman Real Estate handled the deal.


This will be a great addition to Rochester. We're looking forward to it!

This guy needs to advertise...Clay Oven could have been a success...should have been...

Jeff...Did you miss that the Whatever Deli, or whatever its name was behind Family Video, is closed, also the National Pawn Shop on 7th St NW closed and consolidated with the newly remodeled 3rd Ave SE location?

I knew changes were happening at Whatever, but thought a deal was in works to keep it open under a new owner.

Been kind of waiting to see how it played out.

I wasn't aware of National Pawn. When did the 7th Street shop close?

August 28th. also there is some activity in the old pool hall by NorthGate

I'm glad the pawn shop moved. Maybe people will quit breaking into my car now.

I still think the location is a problem.

Also, what is going on across from Northern Hills golf course on circle drive?

It is about time to have Ethiopian resturant in Rochester.Good thinking brother.We will make sure to keep you guys busy.

Mayo is building a new data center across from northern hills

It's October, doesn't seem to be open. Any word on this?

Is this open yet?

I keep looking for this one as I drive by on West Circle, but all I've seen is their permit packet still sitting in the window. I wonder if their plans have changed, or things just got delayed? I would love to try some Ethiopian food!

My sons and I have been looking forward to this restaurant opening for several months now. Any one know if it is still in the work?

This is an exciting addition to the area, I can't wait to try it. Lando is right though, ADVERTISE people. I have mentioned before but if it weren't for someone telling me about this column I wouldn't know anything other than big box stores in Rochester. You can't just open and not let anyone know.

Sign on restaurant now says they're open! Haven't been there yet myself.

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