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August 18, 2011

New store is for people who dig volleyball

Here's some from my today's column and well as a video clip about a new volleyball store.

By the way, I butcher the Prizlers name in the video. PRIZE-lers is the correct way to say it.

This is another good example of why I'm in print news rather than TV.


A Rochester family really digs volleyball, but they often hit a bump when shopping for gear.

So they made a game plan.

Today they are set to serve up a volleyball-centric store called Side Out.

Rachel and Lon Prizler hope to open the doors of their new sporty shop next week.

It is at 2571 Clare Lane N.E., almost in the shadow of Rochester's National Volleyball Center off of Viola Road.

 That's not a coincidence.

"We thought this would be a good opportunity with the volleyball center expanding," says Rachel Prizler. "It is a perfect location."

Now she is outfitting the about 2,000-square-foot shop with racks of volleyball clothing, shoes, pads, braces for ankles and knees, training equipment and, of course, volleyballs.

"We'll have the funky shirts and clothing that they like," she says.

It will also offer embroidery services for team jerseys and uniforms.

The Prizlers have a daughter who is a volleyball player, and that's what inspired them to create their own store.

"We started to notice the need to have quality volleyball equipment in town. Our daughter would get frustrated when looking for something," Prizler says.

Actually, they say the challenge for young female athletes reaches beyond just volleyball.

It is tough to find much of a selection of sports gear specifically for girls, the Prizlers say.

That is why after Side Out gets warmed up, the plan is to branch out into girls sporting gear for basketball, softball, soccer and whatever else local athletes are shopping for.

"We want to fill that niche," says the sports mom turned shop owner. "We want to be a fun place for younger female athletes."


A store that carries only volleyball stuff? Good luck........but I'm only giving them 6-12 months.

Tough read such a negative comment. I'm guessing they did not go into this blind and did some market research. With their location and the fact that volleyball is a growing sport I think they will do fine. Also add in the addition to the National Volleyball Center will bring additional teams to town and it sure seems like a good bet to me. I wish them the best and can't wait to shop there for my daughter.

Thanks for the support "Just Curious". People like you have helped the last couple of months be very busy and amazing! We look forward to a very successful J.O. season with tournaments coming up in January. Fred, while we are focusing on volleyball if you would have read the entire post by Kiger our secondary market is to branch out to other sports focusing on the female athlete. We are already starting to do that with our line of basketball shoes. That being said, there have been several other successful businesses in Rochester that have a single sport focus.


You can visit Side Out online at

I really wish they had this type of store when I was in volleyball! I could never find anything I needed! I wish you all best of luck! I will definitely be checking this out!

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