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July 20, 2011

Good Food Co-op merger vote coming up

Rochester's Good Food Store Co-op and the La Crosse People’s Food Co­‐op are preparing for upcoming member votes of a proposal to merge the two cooperatives.

Voting will take place in August. Ballots should arrive in mailboxes by about Aug. 1 and voting will wrap up by Aug. 15.

This proposed merger would clear the way for a plan to move and expand the Good Food Store to anchor a downtown Rochester development.

Many members turned out for meetings this week to speak for and against the plan.


This is a great opportunity for both coops to merge and grow. It will also bring better pricing to both stores because of increased buying power. The finances of the Good Food Store are such that without this merger, extreme "belt-tightening" will be made. If you are a member, please vote "YES" for the merger.

I would agree with the merger helping the pricing stucture. However, the move will limit some accessability, even with a parking ramp. And I have to believe that the rent factor has got to increase which might mean that any monetary benefit to a merger would be swallowed up by additional rent factors.??

Scott, actually there will be MUCH more parking, thus greater accessability. It will be a bigger store with room to grow the business and bring in more money. As for the rent, I am sure it will be more than it is now. If the merger does not go thru, there is a chance that the store will have to move anyway because of the poor current finances. So, merge and go to a nice new space or don't merge and risk moving to a smaller, cheaper space.

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