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July 07, 2011

Could Kim Kardashian flip burgers in Roch.?

So I was reading a column in the Strib by the fearless and entertaining C.J., when an odd vision started to form in my mind.

I wasn't aware (Yeah, I don't read People or watch TMZ much) that NBA star and beloved Minnesota son, Kris Humphries, was engaged to the Rubenesque Reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian The state shutdown must have distracted me from that important news. Heh.

Anyway, C.J. wrote a July 4 column about a Twin Cities bash for the couple, which she has dubbed in fine tabloid, name mashing style as 'Humpdashian.'

That made me remember about my first interview with Will Humphries, the bridegroom's dad.

Will Humphries is the guy who opened Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Rochester as well as called Newt's out for a hamburger showdown.

Back in 2009, I asked Will about why he was cooking up a way to have his own piece of the fast food pie.

And this is what he told me:

The elder Humphries, who was a University of Minnesota football star, says establishing the statewide Five Guys franchise is a way to prepare for his son’s post-NBA career.

“My wife and I are working it now, and then we’ll hand it off to him. We don’t want him to become another statistic like ex-players who go bankrupt,” he says.


 OK, so he's a concerned dad preparing a safety net in preparation for the day when his son's fast break is no longer quite fast enough.


Using my jumping to conclusions ability that rivals the younger Humphries vertical leap, I envisioned a future when a retired Kris Humphries takes over the family fast food business.


That's how I became convinced that Med City burger fans will eventually see the famous Miss K working the counter and grilling up orders.


That makes sense, right?  Heh. 


Hey Jeff on a unrelated note it looks like the auto repair shop on the beltline, Garcias, has closed up and moved out.

On another unrelated note, it looks like HBC cable is expanding into the Plainview-Elgin area. I noticed there has been some digging going on, presumably burying some cable?

There is also a new office in Plainview so they must finally be on the verge of their expansion.

Jeff needs an "On an unrelated note..." section.

i think Kim Is better flipping burgers at hardees or Carls jr ..

Guess there is no burger flipping in her future...

damn..lando beat me to it.

Rubenesque? Did Oxford change the meaning of that word?

I guess flipping burger would be "beyond her." Just like living in Minnesota and no one paying attention to her, other than her husband. Which she dumped.

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