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June 06, 2011

The Holidays are coming

Here's some from a piece I have in today's paper about Rochester and its potential forecast for three Holiday Inn hotels


The Holidays are coming.

These Holidays are not like Fourth of July or even National Doughnut Day.

They are brick-and-mortar Holiday Inn brand hotels.

There are none in Rochester as of today, but construction is under way in downtown and on Second Street Southwest to bring the Holiday Inn name back to town.

And more could be on the way.

Work is finishing up on the underground parking and the framing up of the walls is starting at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites being built by the Miracle Mile shopping center on Second Street.
"It is going well," said Jeff Lamont, the owner of hotel developer Lamont Cos. "We are hoping to open by the end of the year."

Lamont has been planning the 85-room hotel as part of Rick Penz' Shoppes on Second development since 2007. Since then the project has changed many times due to a variety issues.

"We're excited to get it going, Lamont said. "There is a need for it in Rochester that we saw, mainly in the Holiday Inn family."

In fact, Lamont is looking beyond this project to building a second Holiday Inn hotel.

"We'll be doing a full-service Holiday Inn shortly after this one," he said.

  Where that will be built is still being worked out, but Lamont says his company is looking seriously at two or three locations.

That matches information from the InterContinental Hotels  Group, the parent of the Holiday Inn brands.

  Sherry Telford of IHG confirmed that three Holiday Inn hotels "are currently in IHG's development pipeline" for Rochester.

That list includes Lamont's Holiday Inn Express as well as a full-service Holiday Inn vaguely listed without a specific address.

And the third is the former Holiday Inn Express in downtown that currently is an independent that goes by Rochester City Center Hotel.


""We're excited to get it going, Lamont said. "There is a need for it in Rochester that we saw, mainly in the Holiday Inn family.""

Translation: "Thousands of people are staying overnight in Rochester each week - we want a piece of that pie!"
(Not that there's anything wrong with that:)

I wouldn't be surprised if the third will be under the Crowne Plaza nameplate. A city this size, I would make sense.

Will there be a restaurant in the new hotel on 2nd street? I thought at one point that was the plan?

Holiday Inn *Express* typically do not have restaurants on-site.

There was talk of Texas Roadhouse going there, but that doesn't seem to be happening. [And before that a fondue place?]

I still think that Texas Roadhouse could go into the end of the Miracle Mile strip mall. Plenty of room on the end, if not, juggle some businesses around.

It breaks down like this, Ow.
There is a building that is expected to be a restaurant slated to be built near the hotel. That is a Rick Penz' project and it is not linked with the hotel.
At this point, I haven't heard if a restaurant has been lined up yet.

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