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June 23, 2011

New northwest Newt's ready to start pouring

06222011newtsnorthwestsignjk It is almost time to flip on the lights, fire up the grill and start pulling draughts from the tap.

The Creative Cuisine Corp. crew started running dress rehearsals Wednesday to prep for to coming opening of the eagerly anticipated new northwest Newt's bar and grill.

This younger sibling of Rochester's iconic downtown bar-restaurant fills the main level of the Wallin Building at 5231 U.S. 52 Frontage Road N.W.

Here's a video promo clip on this and a little from my column in today's paper.

Check out the print edition for the full piece.



We were just talkng about this today and wondering when it would open. Yummy! On a unrelated note they sure have the old Macaroni Grille building torn to bits. Heard they had a huge mold problem in it. Wonder the time frame for Red Lobster.

Mold would explain why they completely gutted the building. I was wondering why they had to rip it apart like that for a simple conversion from one restaurant into another...

So looking forward to this. so close to my work!

Newts! Mmmmmm! Well, there goes my waistline...

Whoa! awesome [beer] chandelier!!! Jeff, is it open to the public sunday or is that a private opening?

It opens for the general public on Sunday. They have been doing some trial runs with friends and family this week, but as of Sunday it is open for everybody.

red lobster to be ready in November

We drove by Newt's North last night at 7:00 and they were so busy people were parking on the grass. We went up to the Break Room. One of Rochester's best kept secrets. Great burgers and not over priced.

Looks nice but parking might be a problem and a bottleneck getting out?


LOVE Newt's, but...
Went to Newt's 52 last nite. Got there early, place to sit right away. Air conditioning wasn't working right. Wait staff was new and didn't know what they were doing. Out of 2 kinds of tap beer. 3 of the 4 burgers we got were not cooked according to order. Fries were soggy. They shoulda waited another week or so - better staff training and more time to fix operational stuff. I'm sticking with the old Newt's.

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