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April 04, 2011

Maid-Rite to go mobile

A Rochester restaurant is readying to roll this summer.

The Maid-Rite Diner is going mobile with a new lunch truck. Don Sanford — Mr. Maid-Rite — plans to take his diner's loose me06082010maidritejkat hamburgers and hot dogs directly to the Med City's lunch crowd.

 "Work is starting next week on my new truck. It'll be called the Maid-Rite Lunch Box," he says.
The plan is to cruise the truck to construction sites, offices or wherever to take orders, cook them up and serve hamburgers, hot dogs and chips.

"With gas at $4 a gallon, I think it will be a good deal for people who don't want to drive for lunch," he says.

Sanford already has a license from the state of Minnesota, which will allow him to sell food from the truck on private property, like a company giving him permission to cook and sell in their parking lot.

"If I pull off the street, I'm fine," Sanford says.

  City streets, however, are another story. At tonight's meeting, the Rochester City Council will discuss whether to issue a permit to allow the Maid-Rite Lunch Box to pull over anywhere and set up shop.

Sanford hopes the council will OK that, but he'll take the diner to the streets no matter what this summer, probably starting in June.

05122010maidritesign1 While a pair of staffers will run the lunch truck, he'll also have a Maid-Rite concession trailer working county fairs and festivals in the area.

And, of course, the original diner that he opened last year with his wife, Noreen Sanford, and their daughter, Reann Blumers, will keep cooking in Rochester's Crossroads Plaza.

"We've got some exciting stuff going on," he says.

Comments I can pay $7 for a sloppy Joe, fries and coke without having to leave work...Prices are ridiculous!!

Actually, their prices are reasonable. Remember, it is all fresh cooked and the meat (not a Sloppy Joe and really not hamburgers!!!) is lean and fairly dry. I only wish I lived in Rochester so I could take advantage more often. I do try to get to the store as often as I can when visiting relatives. A lot better than 5 bucks for a stale sandwich and drink.

I must agree with doctari - their prices are very high for what is offered. I remember Made rite when I was a kid and they were much better back in the day. These are dry and probably not more that two tablespoons of meat on the bread. I've tried the shop and won't be back.

Perhaps the most overrated food establishment to open in Rochester in the last 20 years. Price is important and everyone I speak with says Maid-Rite is overcharging and underdelivering.

I have been to Maid Rite once and can verify that the value was hideous. While there I tried their signature sandwich. The sandwich tasted fine, but it was about the size of a kids hamburger at McDonalds. It was a small bun that had very little meat. The price for the sandwich was around $3. I would need three of them for lunch. In terms of quantity it was like what I get off the dollar menu of Wendy's or other dollar menus around town.

Maid Rite would have to cut the prices in half at least before I felt like it was a decent value.

It surprises me that Maid Rite is still open. It is even more of a surprise that they are investing in expanding. None of the fifteen or so people that I have discussed Maid Rite with felt that it was worth going back to Maid Rite.

Maybe people will be more willing to pay ball park prices on the sandwiches if they are being sold out of a concession stand?

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