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April 11, 2011

Help a bored journalist out

Every year we do stories about things like tax filing deadline.

I have to confess that topic as well as many other similar ones bore me silly.

Reporter So this year, the IRS has bumped the usual tax filing deadline back to April 18 due to a holiday (Emanicpation Day) on April 15.

I'm writing an article on this for Friday. What would it take to interest YOU in reading such a piece? You've probably seen hundreds of pieces in print, online and on TV over the years.

Surprise me a personal or whimisical or pointant angle that I have never seen or heard before.

And it should go without saying that political sniping, bickering or grandstanding are NOT interesting. So don't say I should blame taxes on some political talking head on one side of the aisle or the other. I'll be asleep before I get though reading your email or listening to your phone message.

Help me out.





This topic is overused. Ignore it.
Back BC and pre H& R Block might have been relavant.... but now,,, what a waste of ink.

How about a story on if people know where and how much of their money is going? There is the notion of a Federal Tax Receipt, which I personally think is a great idea. Polls have repeatedily shown that people on average have no idea how much of their tax share is going to different (or even what) programs.

Good idea, P. It is embarrassing to hear some people talk about what they THINK the government spends money on.

Hey Bored Journalist! What is all the earth moving going on in the lot just south of the Miracle Mile?

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