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March 25, 2011

Texas Roadhouse shopping Roch.

OK. I admit it.

Many of my readers are just as capable of doing my job as I am.

Take Lou Boness of Rochester.

6a00d83451cc8269e2010535e21fc4970b-pi He ate at a Texas Roadhouse in Wisconsin last week and thought the national steak-and-ribs restaurant chain would be a good fit here in the Med City.

He wrote me Monday to ask if one would be coming soon, especially since I have previously written about the chain's interest in Rochester.

Starting in 2008, I had reported on a deal being in the works to bring a Texas Roadhouse into the Miracle Mile Shopping Center.

That project kind of cooled off with the economy, and I had not checked on the steak place's interest in Rochester for a while.

Before I could respond to Boness' email (And yes, I'm embarrassed that a corporation responded to Boness before I did), he took the initiative to directly ask Texas Roadhouse about coming to the Med City.

Here's the answer he received back:

"Thank you for the kind words.

"Rochester has been in the works for some time, a couple of land deals have fallen through.

"I did just hear today that the founder of our company will be in Rochester next week to look at a couple of sites. He looks at all sites before we build.

"If they find something this week, it would be in 2012 at the soonest … we are booked in this area for new stores for the rest of 2011."

There you go, Texas Roadhouse fans.

Good job, Lou. Thanks for the help.


The south end of the Miracle Mile strip mall would be a good fit I think. They have a nice large area (it looks like an old supermarket) on that end that they could easily fill. That and they would do killer business with St. Marys being there.

I just ate again at Texas Roadhouse in Coon Rapids yesterday. I am tired of driving their to have a great a resonable price, Get to Rochester TODAY!!!

i ate at one in Albuquerque - the food was great and the people who worked there were super friendly and helpful. i'd love to see one in Rochester.

A couple of years ago I was attending a Harley rally in Milwaukee. The closest hotel room I could get was in Madison. In addition, there was a big Badger game in Madison that weekend. In other words, lots and lots of people in town. Across the street from my hotel was a Texas Roadhouse. I was looking forward to being able to try it since I had seen good comments here on this blog. Each night we got back from Milwaukee, the Texas Roadhouse was closed. The TGIFridays next door stayed open, but not the Roadhouse. Really? With all of the surrounding hotels booked solid they couldn't stay open past 9:00 PM? I'm not very excited to try them anymore.

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