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March 17, 2011

Eatery action in Roch.?

There is plenty of table-side chatter these days about changes on the horizon for the Rochester restaurant scene.

Projects are cooking that will turn at least one, if not two, non-restaurant sites into new eateries.

Firstcreditbpopa • In southeast Rochester, a new Greek restaurant is in the very early stages of simmering in the building last occupied by First Credit Auto Sales of Rochester. Before that, it was a BP Pump & Munch convenience store.

The city has given the green light for Eddie Campos, the man behind the nearby El Carambas Authentic Mexican Food, to create a new Greek restaurant to be called Opa Opa.

The standalone building is just a few dozen feet across the parking lot from his popular El Carambas in the Eastwood Plaza off U.S. 14 East.

Watch for more details on this one, after I get a chance to sit down and chat with Eddie.

On the other side of the city, people are cooking up plans for the Wallins West building at 5231 U.S. 52 N.W.

That's the place across the frontage road from Menards North just south of 55th Street Northwest.

The recipe for this one is still being worked out and it needs the OK from the Powers That Be in Rochester, so it is not quite a sure thing yet.

I'll roll out more details when they are available.


So we'll have a 3rd place in Rochester for Greek food in a few months? Sweet!

5th if you count Michaels/PapaGeorges and Mac's.

Dont need another greek one-thy all the same!

"Powers That Be".... nice hint.

Yea, rolling out. Hmmm, pizza?

There isn't a Greek Restaurant in that part of town. Will be a great add. Eddie has done an OUTSTANDING job with El Carambas...

btw - Tinn's "Far East Fusion" has his signs up with a phone number...

Newts will be opening up a new location at the Wallins West building

Wow! I think that's great. But there isn't a whole lot of room there unless they are doing some adding on. I almost think that they have more room downtown. However if they are not going to have a bar that might be better but you still have to put in a kitchen. Maybe they will be using both floors.

I believe the plan is to use both floors. It's a good location because of the lack of competion on the north side for a good burger. Downtown location has been as busy as it ever has.

"It's a good location because of the lack of competion on the north side for a good burger."

Guess they're not considering Five Guys competition... especially when they will be just down the road.

* First, nice scoop Matt. I have been talking to the Newt's folks about this for a couple weeks, but some of it was still up in the air waiting to see if the projects could get all of the necessary permits.

* And as for burger competition, another contender could be Snappy Stop by Wal-Mart North, just up 55th Street.

That's just my opinion about the burgers as I'm not affliated with Newts at all. Just heard thru the grape vine. I'd actually throw Culvers into the mix also I guess. I just condsider those places a little more fast food like.

"Guess they're not considering Five Guys competition... especially when they will be just down the road."

Try them both and 80%+ of people will pick Newts. All Five Guys has going is MEGA HUGE but some people equate that with quality.

Nice to have a greek place on the south side of Rochester. Need a burger joint on this side also besides the fast food ones. Fat Willys is about all there is. Newt's will win hands down against Five Guys by heading north. Buffalo Wild Wings would be nice to see on the south side of town also. Any ideas Wild Wings???

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