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March 23, 2011

Another Newt's is cooking

I had hinted at this deal before and then Matt34 broke this news earlier on here this week.

Now here are some more details.For the full piece, check out my column in today's print edition of the P-B.

If you can find it in today's snow, that is. Heh.


"We've thought about it for years and we've thrown the idea of another Newt's around for quite a bit," says David Curry, a member of the family behind Creative Cuisine Corp. "But we were always busy with other projects."

5079752136_c860d7d5e3 Dave and Mark Curry along with their sister, Denise Villeneuve, made plans to create a new Newt's in the Wallin's West building at 5231 U.S. 52 Frontage Road N.W.

The newest Newt's will fill the main level of the building known for once housing a western wear store.

The northwest Newt's, which will seat around 140 people, will be slightly larger than the original Newt's.

Curry estimates that the new place could open around mid-May.


Hopefully they will bring their burgers as well. Five guys is good but Newts still has my vote

In my opinion, I will always still go to the original Newt's. It'd be hard to make the new location remotely similar in ambiance - but that might just be me!

Are they going to have a full bar like the down town location?

Tried Five Guys a week ago. I liked the peanuts. I hated sesame seed buns. The fries were good. The burger seemed very greasy to me. I'll stick to Newt's and not visit Five Guys again.

Scott - Yes to the full bar. The plan is to the follow the same concept as the downtown original


I think that the business will be flowing. Applebee's is nice but can be very busy which is the type of restaurant atmosphere I would place them in. It will be almost like having the Aviary back except more food and less bar. Great popcorn.

I pretty much agree with what alot of people say about Five Guys.I really like the fries but the burger is good but not great.I personally like a Culver's burger better than Five Guys.My wife has eaten at Newt's but I never have.I will definitely try the new location when they open.

This is fantastic news! Besides their great food, Newt's also cares about their beer selection. Very excited to see this happen quickly as well.

Do they still have 330 or 300? I don't see much about it. I was sad to see Redwood room close down. And speaking of Aviary. I went to St on 2nd (by St Marys) and the cook there was from Aviary and had the blackened Steak Sandwich. Yummm.

You are correct Susy Q. The chef is from the Aviary. And as much as I enjoyed the food, I wasn't all that impressed with the experience at Saints on 2nd.

Yes, I believe 300 First is still in business. We were just there about a month favorite restaurant in Rochester.

Biggest mistake they made, in my opinion, was replacing The Redwood Room with Pazzos. And I *really* love the string of restaurants put out by these owners.

Five Guys burgers: REALLY BIG (that is all).

Newt's burgers: Big and MMMMMMMM!

Good my mom won't have to climb a flight of stairs to get to it. I would like to call it "Newt's at the boot". (If I believe I am right, they had a sign in the shape of a boot).

I think Five Guys' fries are not very good - especially the regular fries. Their burgers are decent but Newts may have them beat. IN-N-OUT BURGER still takes the cake in my mind it's just too bad you need to travel so far to get one. I love the theme at IN-N-OUT, makes me feel like I'm back in the 50's (and I'm about 30 years old so I never experienced the 50's in real life).

Also, Prescott's is the best restaurant in town. It's a fact, look it up.

I've been to Newts one time and loved it. Can't wait to try the new location!

Love Newts, but they need more appetizers added to their menu.

Can't wait! Hopefully they will make the nachos to where you can get them at lunch time instead of 3 p.m. at the earliest.

I travel to Rochester from Phoenix a couple of times a year - and yes in the winter - and always make Newts my first stop when I get in town. Can't wait to try the new location but will always have a place in my heart for the original!

Any updates on the opening of this new location?

Any updates?

Yeah, mid-May is gone...

Five Guys for me is the best!....but it's also undeniable that this newly opened northwest Newt's offers great taste foods and their's perfect.

I will always still go to the original Newt's. It'd be hard to make the new location remotely similar in ambiance - but that might just be me!

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