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January 04, 2011

Roch. radio station's technical difficulties

Sometimes quiet is a good thing, unless it is at a radio station.

Technical difficulties silenced AM 1270 "The Fan" (KWEB) in Rochester over the weekend, including during the Minnesota Vikings game Sunday.

KWEB Masthead While the game was broadcast as usual on KWEB's sister FM station, Laser 101.7 (KRCH), a transmitter failure did have the station's staff scrambling to fix the problem.

The problems began Saturday morning when the station's transmitter failed.

Craig Erpstad, Clear Channel Radio's operation manager in Rochester, said parts had to be flown into the Med City to make the repair.

Once the parts were in hand, the fix was made.

By Sunday evening, fans of the sports talk station could once again tune in to the station.


What about the periods of silence on KROC AM, particularly in the evenings and on weekends when the "2nd string" folks are running the show? Also, I can't count the number if times I've tuned in during these times to be greeted by 2 things playing at the same time. Mostly commercials on top of each other, but also talk shows competing against each other. I understand it's probably an educational kind of opportunity, but when I hear either silence or can't tell what I'm hearing because of two-at-a-time, I move on.

It would also be nice if they are having technical problems if they could post something on their website so listeners have some idea what's going on.

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