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December 02, 2010

Kwik action in Roch., Byron, Lewiston and Zumbrota

Kwik Trip Here's some from a recent column item I worked up from a wide ranging chat with Hans Zietlow of Kwik Trip.

A couple of tidbits that didn't make it into print are that the Lewiston Kwik Trip has a re-build in its future, though it won't be quite as big a deal as the Byron deal, which will significantly upgrade that city's C-store.

And Kwik Trip is working on plans for a Zumbrota. It is still early in the process, but it looks like it should get a green light in the spring.


As it digs in for two meaty development projects in Rochester, the big dog in this region's convenience store pack is ready to sink its teeth into a Byron building project.

Kwik Trip, the La Crosse, Wis.-based convenience store and gas station operation, plans to scrape its rapidly aging building in Byron off its foundations this spring, says Hans Zietlow, Kwik Trip real restate guru.

Kwiktripnwdevelopment "Then we'll put in a LEED-certified building with a car wash and more parking," Zietlow says. "Right now, the pumps are so close to the road. We'll move them back."

Before all of that activity kicks off in Byron, Zietlow is laying the groundwork for two projects in the Med City's busy northwest quadrant.

Earlier this year, he announced Kwik Trip's plans for mixed-use developments — 100 acres at 19th Street Northwest and West Circle Drive and 50 acres at Valleyhigh Road and West Circle Drive. The vision is to have streets lined with stores, banks, industrial operations and office buildings, anchored by a Kwik Trip.

07262010kwiktripsign19thstreet "This is the biggest growth corridor within Rochester," Zietlow says. "Unquestionably, there will be a grocery store on one of the two sites, if not both."

Kwik Trip finished buying the Valleyhigh land earlier this month, and it is closing on the 19th Street land this week.

"When we own all of the land, then we can much more actively market it," he says.

Work with local officials to map out the details is underway, with hopes to be able to start moving dirt in the summer and begin construction in 2012.


Jeff, what about Oronoco? Why won't Kwik Trip build there by the new People's HQ?

Why doesn't Kwik Trip look at building in Plainview?

They lost a Casey's a few years ago. A Kwik Trip would be good in that town

I was just in Plainview last week and they have 2 gas stations. I think towns the size of Plainview can only support 2 gas stations.

Its just possible that Plainview, as with many other small towns, can only support one or two gas stations. (and other businesses).
But sometimes companies such as KTrip feel that they should be one of them, even if the ones there are barely making a go of it.

Lewiston KT needs a remodel, especially its' 4x4 unisex toilet room.
Area clerk said Kwiktrip gets all its gas from the Koch Refinery in Rosemount? Is this correct?

Majority of KT's fuel comes out of Canada, refined in the cities then distributed to area storage tanks where, petroleum trucks pick it up and deliver to the stores. Closest tanks to Roch are in Eyota.

I agree with Jimmy, why not build in Oronoco? Zumbrota does not need a FIFTH gas station. Is Zumbrota that much bigger than Plainview?

Thanks you anne. Jeff, how about an update on any efforts to bring a convenience store to Oronoco, especially in light of the new development at Oronoco Crossings? Since JC's closed several years ago, we've really been in need of a new C-store up here. It would certainly do gangbusters for business. If I have any business acumen or capital, I'd open one myself!

JC's was always pretty busy so that area would be a good spot to put a new station/store. I wonder if the goofiness of the intersection on the north end of town is holding them back? The new bridge south of town is well away from where most people live. Maybe once they figure out what they are doing with the Elk Run intersection someone will be more willing to build.

Hey Jeff, It looks like the New Casey's in Mantorville is about to enter its final stages of building the new store.

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