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November 29, 2010

Signs of opening

  11292010traderjoes1jk 11292010traderjoessign Two eagerly anticipated Rochester opening dates are now out in black and white.

Signs are up at the Med City's new Trader Joe's grocery and Chuck E. Cheese pizza place with specific  opening day dates.

So I'd say it is slated to open on Dec. 22. Look for the Mouse to open its entryway at 9 a.m.

Thanks to all of my readers who spotted these signs Sunday and passed on that info.11292010chuckecheesesign

I really appreciate the help of my sharp-eyed readers.

By the way, Trader Joe's is now on the map for FourSquare. I added it when I snapped these pics. I suspect there will be quite a battle for the mayor title in the coming days.



Just called & told my mom, she's super excited! :)

Can't quite read the Trader Joe's sign... you mention Chuck E. Cheese for December 22 - is TJ's opening on December 6, as previously mentioned by posters?

Jennebach - Yep. Dec. 6.

Why does it look like from the paint job that there could be a 3rd store between the two?

Stopped by last night. Very busy but still managed to find a few things. I'll be back in a couple weeks when things calm down I think. BTW, what does it mean when they ring the bell in there?

From a discussion elsewhere:

...if you hear a single bell ring in a Trader Joe's store, it means that more cashiers are needed, two bells means a cashier needs a price check, a balloon to be blown up or an item needs to be put back on the shelf and three rings means that a manager is needed.

OT Bill - Thanks for the behind the scenes details.
The only thing I know about bells is that whenever one rings, an angel gets its wings.

It is the holidays. You gotta expect some 'Its A Wonderful Life' references. Heh.

Really sad when you have to explain your jokes. Heh

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