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November 16, 2010

Med City mouse to start stirring

No matter what the famous holiday poem says, at least one mouse will be stirring in the Med City this Christmas Eve.

11102010chuckecheesesignOf course, I'm not talking about any ordinary rodent. This mouse has something even Mickey doesn't — a middle initial.

  Look for Rochester's new Chuck E. Cheese kids pizza palace to throw open its doors at 1200 16th St. S.W. before Santa makes his sleigh sprint around this old world.

"Shortly before Christmas" is what the always helpful Brenda Holloway is saying about CEC Entertainment's long-anticipated opening in Rochester.

Construction is rolling like a skee ball in the 27,000-square-foot former home of Linens 'n Things. That puts Chuck right next to where parents will soon be able to pick up some Three Buck Chuck wine at the new Trader Joe's grocery, which is also slated to open in December.

  Both rock star brands are taking the stage for the first time in Rochester, though fans have been clamoring for them both for years.

When I talked to the Texas-based Chuck E. Cheese back in March 2003, I was told that "…We’ve talked about Rochester. It is on our list.”

That was before Econofoods closed its local grocery stores, including the 16-year-old one at 1200 16th St. S.W., in 2004.

That massive, 54,000-square-foot space was then split into two and re-developed as part of the Apache Shoppes shopping complex. Linens 'n Things opened there and sold its things and linens from 2005 until it closed in 2008.


That parking lot situation scares me. It was bad enough dealing with 2 to 5 cars trying to get in/out, but now having to deal with a hundred cars....eek. May be better off for my sanity parking across the street at the mall and walking over.

They have traffic lights there but i agree trying to turn in or out you might be waiting a long time.

Drove past Trader Joe's today, it says it will be open December 6th and Chuck E Cheeses will be open December 20th.

What's going in between trader joe's and Chuck E Cheese?

Nothing in between. Just TJ and CEC.

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