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November 03, 2010

Countdown to Trader Joe's opening day

Now that Election Day is done, it looks like it is time to start crossing days off the calendar to countdown to the big day.

 I'm not talking about Hanukkah, Christmas, the college football bowl games or even that retail madness called Black Friday.

This day overshadows them all … at least among a certain part of the local population.

TJ-Day is comi10102010traderjoessignng.

Every day readers, co-workers and random strangers on the street ask … plead, really, "When will Rochester's new Trader Joe's grocery store open?"

My standard answer has always been that the wildly popular cult grocery store will open in south Rochester yet this year. From the glares I get in return, my sense is that it doesn't satisfy die-hard fans also know as Trader Heads.

I can now narrow it down … a little bit.

Alison Mochizuki, my pal at Joe's HQ, whipped off a note this week in response to my pleading for an opening date.

"Hey JK, Great to hear from you. We are scheduled to open in December of this year. I hope this helps! "

So now everyone out there eagerly awaiting the arrival of Hawaiian shirt-clad clerks in the bright aisles of a German-owned store can eliminate this month entirely.


*snort* I'll let my mom know, she keeps asking me :)

Anyone have any idea how much food I can get in trade for a 1997 Honda Civic?

I heard from an employee that Trader Joes is opening on Monday December 6th.

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