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October 25, 2010

What do you want from me?

Well… more specificly, what do you want me to write about as my Heard on the Street column become a daily feature in the Post-Bulletin?

Photo 38Chunks of "Street" will now be in every issue of the Post-Bulletin starting with this 
weekend's edition.

While print and TV promotions of this move are starting to roll out, I'm still working out of the details this new daily version of Street.

This column started out as a short brief in the weekly Business and Professional Notes column in 2002. Then it morphed into this blog in 2005 and then it became a twice a week print column in 2008.

And now this ongoing experiment is entering a new phase.

I tend to favor the "Work It Out On The Fly" method for new projects versus the more commonly used "Strategic Vision and Implementation Planning Process" that many Rochester institutions use.

As usual, I'm turning to my readers for help.

What topics would you like to read about daily in the Post-Bulletin?

More commercial real estate news? More about restaurant and bar news?

How about more business tidbits from communities like Byron, Chatfield, Stewartville, Pine Island, Taopi or wherever?

Are you interested in more stocks/earnings news about local companies like Hormel Foods or Rochester Medical?

Of course, I will still have plenty of updates on insanely popular businesses like Trader Joe's/ White Castle/ Chuck E. Cheese/ Sonic Drive-in.

And I'll continue to roll out the speculative and intentionally obscure Biz Buzz items.


Tell me what you want me to write.


It is always fun to read about new businesses/restaurants coming to town.

Have you heard any truth to the rumor that The Big 10 restaurant/bar might open in Rochester? They have a spot in Minneapolis, Hopkins and Owatonna. Rochester would be a great fit!

Keep up with what is coming and rumored to becoming.

I think your doing a bang up job. Keep up the good work.

I want you to write that White Castle is coming to town. Soon.

I would love you to put more information about Austin in print. Maybe one day a week for Austin, one for some of the other towns around the area.


1. I love the column and am excited to see you everyday in the PB.
2. I think more "surrounding area" business news would be good.
3. It would be nice to see info on local area promotions in addition to the usual new business openings (i.e. I wrote about Big Brad's opening a couple months ago and they starting a new happy hour special next week etc. etc.)
4. Perhaps some more agricultural news?

How about some info on Lake City? There is a new liquor store being built as well as a new bar & grill!

More news about businesses and future businesses in the surrounding communities, especially Oronoco.

You're doing a great job Jeff. I would actually go against the grain here and say that less reporting from surrounding communities would be good. Strictly focus on Rochester, which is one of the fastest growing cities in Minnesota. There are new businesses popping up here every week!

I also feel you should focus on Rochester. You only get so much space on the page. I think if you increase scope too much it will make everyone less satisfied with what they end up getting. Also I'm most interested in new businesses coming to town and moves/closings, especially when you get it from a reliable source.

I like the idea of reporting on surrounding towns in addition to Rochester. Rochester isn't the center of the universe.

As someone who enjoys travelling around SE MN checking out new restaurants and supporting local businesses, I enjoy reading information on new things in the area as well as in Rochester. If the column is expanding to encompass more days of the week, there should be plenty of space to report on both as long as Jeff doesn't get too wordy.

Heard Elk Run is on hold AGAIN...Money man says not enough money yet..Can you look into this

I check up on your blog weekly and really enjoy the updates and insider info on future stores and restaurants! I agree with other posters that it would be great if you could extend that info to areas outside of Rochester too!

Thank you, everybody. I really appreciate the advice and guidance.

I now do plan to write more about the surrounding communities. My flooding column Monday is an example of that.

Don't worry about Rochester being ignored. This complex and growing city will remain my main focus. With a column a day, I'm not worried about about space... even if I do get too wordy. Heh.

Heavyduty - Jeff Hansel is tracking Elk Run these days and I think he has that angle covered.

M - I need contacts in Lake City. Could you get me names, so I could write about the bar and liquor store?

Josh - As an Indiana farmboy, I like the idea of getting more ag news in my column. Can you help me with that?

I love all the suggestions to expand the area to outside of the Rochester limits. I enjoy knowing what's new in Rochester. Goodness knows I am in town a lot. But I also appreciate hearing about the gems in our small towns in Southeastern Minnesota. It would make it easier to do business locally, where I'm almost always guaranteed more personal customer service.

And I agree with the ag news idea. Have you thought about featuring some businesses that serve both farmers and other patrons? I'm thinking specifically of some of the service industries in the rural towns.

Jeff, maybe I missed your article on this...what can you tell me about Hornitos Mexican Restaurant over by the Fiksdal Hotel? I try to keep up on all the restaurants in town, but this one surprised me when I passed that way this morning.

Do you have an email or phone # where I can leave you contact information regarding the liquor store/restaurant in Lake City?

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