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October 10, 2010

Signs of life @ Trader Joe's, Chuck E. Cheese

Thanks to a tweet from Claudia Tabini, I was tipped off that the anxiously anticipated Trader Joe's store being built out in Rochester now has a sign up.

10102010traderjoessign   I rolled by there today and snapped a pic of that as well as a snap of the Chuck E. Cheese construction underway next to it.

I'm glad a sign is up now. I think a lot of people out there never quite belie10102010chuckecheesesignved me that Trader Joe's was coming to Rochester. They keep asking when it will open and why don't they see any construction work.

Well, I have no answer to the latter, but the former question has the same response I've been given since all of this kicked off.

Both Trader Joe's and Chuck E. Cheese say they will be open before the end of the year. No more detail than that at the moment.

1010201traderjoeschuckecheese Based purely on conjecture, rumor and my imagination, I'd guess that Trader's will make it open in late Nov. to early Dec. And my guessestimate for Cheese world is that it could kick off a week or two after Trader Joe's.

I guess we'll see, but I am open to any tips anyone might have to narrow that range down a bit. I think many people out there are considering changing dates of weddings, births, funerals, what have you to make sure they are available for the magical day that Trader Joe's and to a lesser extent, Chuck E. Cheese, open their doors for the first timein the Med City.




So I stopped into TJ's in Minneapolis yesterday - first time shopper. Checkout clerk told me they've been told it will be open between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

there is something going on at the old Hardee's (Cuisine of India)location on Broadway and 14. I seen people in there cleaning over the weekend. I wonder what's that going to be. Jeff please let us know if you hear or know anything.

The opening date for Chuck E Cheese is Dec 20th

Need a White Castle update. They are opening some new stores in MN (one in St. Cloud).

Bring Hardees back-they had good burgers and breakfast-sick of McyDs and the others.

I agree with bringing back a Hardees...hard to believe at one time there were several Hardees restaurants in this town.

I especially miss the old Hardees on North Broadway...there is not much for food options on north broadway north of the Silver Lake area. The former Domaille site at 37th street/hwy 63 would be a nice location for a restaurant. IHOP would be really nice there.

I stop by there yesterday on my way home from work and ask the workers what is coming in here. They said another bar and grill. I hope they have good eats and drinks.

Re: old Cuisine of India. Over you say "Another benchmark they recently reached was lining up a second Rochester location." Related?

Luke, I suppose the "not much for food options on north broadway north of Silver Lake" depends on what you're looking for in terms of food. Right in that immediate vicinity, there is a Wendy's, Burger King, Grandma's, Fiesta Mexicana, Glynner's Pub, Little Caesar's Pizza, and Kingdom Buffet. And just recently opened up just off of Elton Hills Drive is the Country Fresh Deli. And if you go further up on North Broadway as you mentioned the old Domaille location, there are even more food options encompassing a wide variety of different cuisines. So, it's probably fair to say, there aren't a lot of food options that you like. That's different than there not being a lot of food options.

I remember when I went to the old Quality Wood place (by the old Hardees) and it just reeked of what I could only assume was dog and not the live type. Bringing Hardees back would improve the property 5,000 times.

Nice to see the unions kept it classy with their spray paint graffiti and only did it on temporary plywood.

I'd be curious as to why Trader Joes is getting so much free press not so much in their opening but this whole push that they're just outstandingly wonderful. Yes, there are a few things there that you might not be able to find elsewhere, like baked pea pods. But most of that stuff isn't any different nor any cheaper than what can already be found at stores in town :
at the Good Food Store, Super Target, Hyvee, Bread Baker, Ye Old Butcher, Daubes, et al.

is chuckecheese hiring ?
i really need a job!

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