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October 04, 2010

Any spottings of Saudi royals in Roch.?

For the weekend paper, I wrote a piece saying some of the Saudi royal family were believed to be visiting Rochester.

While I did not lock down an official source on the record, I'm certain a group of royalty did arrival. Some told me they thought the visit could be comparable to the memorable one in 2008 when the king visited and met here with his extended family from across the U.S.

My question is has anyone out there seen any such royalty first hand in Roch.?

Does anyone care if any Saudi or any other royalty is in the Med city?

One insider texted me over the weekend that it was believed that the lead visitor in this group is the nephew of the king. No idea if that is correct or not.

Here's some from my weekend article. For the record, I did not write the phrase "free-spending ways." It was added in editing.

Members of the royal family of Saudi Arabia might be visiting Rochester again, to the delight of local merchants.
APIHZAIFarrLAX The family and its entourage, known for its free-spending ways, has made several visits to Rochester in connection with medical care at the Mayo Clinic.
A Boeing 747SP jet from Saudi Arabia was scheduled to land at Rochester International Airport on Friday night. That aircraft seats up to 400 people on two passenger levels.
Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede wasn't aware of a visit but said he'd be happy if the Saudis visit.
"I think it's great that they come here for the greatest medical care in the world," said Brede, who visited Saudi Arabia a year and a half ago. "They obviously do have economic impact."
A fleet of high-end luxury cars, including new Mercedes, Escalades and others, were spotted rolling into Rochester en masse with out-of-town plates from New York, California and other places.
Official sources estimated anonymously that possibly up to 200 people connected to the royal family had either arrived in the city or were on their way here.
As in November 2008, the royal family members likely are visiting for examinations or treatment at Mayo Clinic. Clinic spokespeople could not confirm or deny that Friday.
The 2008 visit infused the Rochester economy with an estimated $1.5 million, officials said at the time.


All last weekend at the Masonic Temple on Second Street there was a fleet of high-end luxury cars along with 5 U-Hauls........

I saw the 747 land at the airport this weekend and was on the ground for about 24 hours or so and is not there now.

I REALLY large and loud plane departed Saturday evening. Not too late.

I was at Kohls and Apache Mall yesterday and didn't notice any Saudi visitors. Usually there's a whole group out shopping...(yay!)

I was at Walmart Sunday night and saw three very nice vehicles parked in front, thought they were Gov. issued. Turns out they were part of the Saudi contingency. I took a couple pictures of them getting into the cars. If they would just act like normal people and not make a show out of it no one would even give them a look.

I checked out the Masonic Temple parking lot during a walk last night.

There were a handful of new black Mercedes with tinted windows and license plates from New York and Massachusetts parked there.

There were many empty spaces around them suggesting more cars were out in use.

Also saw the lights on in $5,000 a night penthouse of the Broadway Residence & Suites as I was leaving the P-B at 8 last night.

Wait, the Saudis are using the Masonic Lodge property? It's a conspiracy theorist's dream come true! :-)

I have to chuckle that Saudi Royalty apparently went shopping at Wal-Mart...:)

That's why they are so rich Stephan. They are frugle!!!

It's either they are frugal or... they are BROKE! God help us all if the Saudis run out of money... heh.

"God help us all if the Saudis run out of money"

I'm more worried if they run out of OIL.

If you REALLY want to find them, go to the downtown Starbucks and try to find a parking place. Their cars are all there, and they're usually hanging out on the corner.

One of the drivers is renting from me. He doesn't know if the stay will be a month or three. He works for a company out of new york that was called into to transport and guard royalty. He said in the employee party there is around 60 people from all over that are hired!

Who cares? If the post bulletin and kttc just left people alone.

Dpjemm - I understand if that doesn't interest you. But Rochester media has a wider audience that want information.

Judging by the comments from other readers and feedback from past stories about the economic impact to the Rochester economy by visitors, I believe enough people are interested in this issue to warrant my asking around about a potential article.

As long as people are interested in learning about what is going on in their community, I will continue to ask questions.

Actually, I'd do it even if it wasn't my job. Being annoying is a hobby of mine. Heh.

"... about the economic impact to the Rochester economy by visitors,..."

Yeah, if only we could get them to shop at local businesses instead of at Wal-Mart... just kidding - I think it's great they spend so much money here!

A friend of mine said they were spending a bit of time out at Chester Woods County Park. Lots of big black SUVs.

Should we really be encouraging readers to stalk foreign dignitaries and their entourages? Will that promote a welcoming environment for Rochester?

I don't know Allan, nothing says welcome to our neighborhood better than a good old-fashion stalkin'.

I seen them at the oronoco park. Around 100 of then all on blankets sitting around in a big circle. Seemed strange so... We left!

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